Saturday, 31 October 2015

US Solar Plant a carbon dioxide emitter

Previously this blog has noted that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System was 

disrupting the thriving habitat for tortoises, coyotes, kit foxes and bobcats and was vaporising birds. (Back-up link

Now we find that the plant has been a net emitter of carbon dioxide, falsely described as a carbon polluter by Fox News.

Even as the Obama administration announces another $120 million in grants to boost solar energy, new reports indicate a centerpiece of the administration's green-energy effort is actually a carbon polluter.  
Located in Southern California's Mojave Desert, the $2.2 billion Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System benefited from a $1.6 billion Energy Department loan guarantee, and a $539 million Treasury Department stimulus grant to help pay off the loan. 
Yet it is producing carbon emissions at nearly twice the amount that compels power plants and companies to participate in the state's cap-and-trade program.  
That's because the plant relies on natural gas as a supplementary fuel. 
The Press Enterprise also reported it (and also falsely used the Pollution word:

Desert plant has pollution problem

The Ivanpah plant in the Mojave Desert uses natural gas as a supplementary fuel. Data from the California Energy Commission show that the plant burned enough natural gas in 2014 – its first year of operation – to emit more than 46,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 
That’s nearly twice the pollution threshold for power plants or factories in California to be required to participate in the state’s cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions.
Why does a solar plant need to burn Natural Gas?
Natural gas is used to preheat water that goes into boilers mounted on top of three 459-foot-tall towers at Ivanpah. This allows heat from the sun – captured by 352,000 mirrors – to make steam more quickly. The steam turns the turbines that produce electricity. 
The Ivanpah plant off Interstate 15 near the Nevada border also has auxiliary gas boilers that kick in whenever cloud cover blocks the sun.
WHY vaporise birds, threaten tortoises, coyotes, kit foxes and bobcats for a plant that produces no-so-green energy?

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  1. Seriously folks, Ivanpah's CO2 emissions are 1/15 those of a coal fired power station (75 compared to 1137 lbs/MWhr ) even considering that the Ivanpah CO2 includes that emitted by cleaning machines and etc whereas the emissions for the coal stations do not. Thus Ivanpah reduces emissions by 400,000 tonnes of CO2/year compared to similar output by a coal-fired plant.
    Ivanpah uses 0.03 gals water/kWhr, less than 1/16 that used by a coal-fired plant
    Overall, solar power in all its forms has about 1/8 the CO2 emissions of a coal-fired plant over its life cycle. At the end the solar plant can be removed and previous activities re-commenced. Tried that after mountain-top removal or open-cut coal mining?


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