The 10 commandments of cults vs. religions and why Islam is a cult.

Cult-like Islam is flourishing
1) CULT: Single, unquestioned leader who makes all the rules, with no accountability to peers, a presbytery, a chapter, or co-leaders.

Prophet is sole authority and makes all the rules, because god speaks only to him.

2) CULT: Cohabitation. Members often live in a group or commune, often with the leader.

Cult has grown too big, but this was certainly the case when it was starting.

3) CULT: Isolation. Members are often not allowed to interact/socialize with outsiders, and frequently are required to separate from their friends and families.

Muslims are not permited to take non believers as friends, 
islam must supplant family, race, nationality as the principal focus of life.

4) CULT: Coercion. Coercive recruitment methods, often including sleep deprivation, withholding of food or bathroom breaks, locking the initiate in a room with a succession of people hammering in the group’s ideas. Essentially, these are classic brainwashing techniques.

Mohamed used violence and threat of death to intimidate people into joining his cult, 
so does islamic state which is pure islam.

5) CULT: Repetition. Members are told what to believe on a daily basis, with intense, though often subtle, indoctrination techniques used to hold members. The few items that distinguish that cult are repeated endlessly.

Muslims must pray 5 times per day. 
The same jihadist supremacist rubbish is the focus of its sermons.

6) CULT: Exclusiveness. Initiates are often told that only “select” members of the cult will reach the ultimate goal. This is incentive to stay and to be more dedicated to the cult.

Only members who are killed in the act of jihad are guaranteed entry to heaven. 
They receive 72 virgins and a palace the size of a country as reward.

7) CULT: Bread trails. The dogma is fed to the initiate in small pieces, and gaining more knowledge about the dogma requires a greater commitment to the organization.

The koran is ordered by length of verse and has early passages abrogated
 (overruled by later passages), so its true meaning is concealed.

8) CULT: Alienation. Adherents are encouraged or even bullied into thinking in terms of “us versus them” with total alienation from “them.”

Islam divides the world in the house of peace for muslims and the house of war for non believers.

9) CULT: Seclusion. Members are often not allowed to leave the cult or even the cult compound. Even temporary excursions among outsiders are done in pairs or in groups with a trusted member always present.

The penalty for leaving islam is death.

10) CULT: Totalitarian. Cults ask significantly more time and money from their adherents, often asking for a person’s life savings to progress in the organization. They are usually totalitarian and demand that the individual give themselves up to the organization or theology.

Waging jihad or supporting jihad is obligatory for all muslims. 
The greater jihad is psychological preparation for the lesser jihad 
which are acts of martyrdom.

It doesn’t get more totalitarian than islam.