Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Poland strengthening their coal mining industry.

Ewa Kopacz (Source)
As the World heads toward the COP21 Gabfest and its side show, the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) 2015, Poland's PM Ewa Kopacz says she does not consider nuclear energy a priority and is instead focused on strengthening the coal mining industry. (LINK)
Ewa Kopacz's comments indicated a U-turn from earlier government plans to add nuclear energy to Poland's mix in the coming years. 
Kopacz said Monday that Poland's energy security is based on coal. The country has rich deposits of the fossil fuel and the government is currently taking steps to preserve coal mines and thousands of jobs in the industry.
A few years ago, the government, then led by Donald Tusk, said a nuclear plant would be built and be operational around 2020. 
Treasury Minister Adam Czerwinski said Monday it is still not known where and how the nuclear plant would be built.

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