Monday, 12 October 2015

More Bad News for COP21 Delegate Mushrooms

GWPF - link
The Shrill keep talking about "Carbon Pollution." And when they say "carbon" they are actually referring to carbon dioxide (CO2). There is not even one paper that shows that carbon dioxide, man-made or otherwise, is causing runaway warming. No evidence that Carbon Dioxide is pollution.

The delegates to COP21 should wake up and smell the roses that are fed by vital to life CO2.

London 12 October: In an important new report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, former IPCC delegate Dr Indur Goklany calls for a reassessment of carbon dioxide, which he says has many benefits for the natural world and for humankind. (GWPF - link)

Dr Goklany's Full report can be found here - PDF -

Freeman Dyson begins his foreward:
Indur Goklany has done a careful job, collecting and documenting the evidence that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does far more good than harm. To any unprejudiced person reading this account, the facts should be obvious: that the non-climatic effects of carbon dioxide as a sustainer of wildlife and crop plants are enormously beneficial, that the possibly harmful climatic effects of carbon dioxide have been greatly exaggerated, and that the benefits clearly outweigh the possible damage. I consider myself an unprejudiced person and to me these facts are obvious. 
But the same facts are not obvious to the majority of scientists and politicians who consider carbon dioxide to be evil and dangerous. The people who are supposed to be experts and who claim to understand the science are precisely the people who are blind to the evidence. Those of my scientific colleagues who believe the prevailing dogma about carbon dioxide will not find Goklany’s evidence convincing. 
I hope that a few of them will make the effort to examine the evidence in detail and see how it contradicts the prevailing dogma, but I know that the majority will remain blind. That is to me the central mystery of climate science. It is not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts? In this foreword I offer a tentative solution of the mystery......
One Extract from Dr Goklany's Paper:
Evidence for enhanced plant growth 
That carbon dioxide is plant food has been known since the publication in 1804 of Nicolas-Théodore de Saussure’s Recherches Chimiques sur la Végétation. Thousands of experiments since then have shown that the majority of plants grow faster and larger, both above and below ground, if they are exposed to higher carbon dioxide concentrations. The owners of commercial greenhouses routinely pump in carbon dioxide so as to enhance the growth rates of plants, and the optimal level for plant growth is considered to be between 700 and 900 parts per million (ppm), roughly twice today’s ambient concentration of 400 ppm. 

And yet "carbon Pollution" will be bandied around COP21 by delegates - misinformed delegates.

And as Dr Goklany points out: 
“Unlike the claims of future global warming disasters these benefits are firmly established and are being felt now. Yet despite this the media overlook the good news and the public remain in the dark. My report should begin to restore a little balance.” 

Delegates?  Mushrooms come to mind.....Kept in the dark and fed.........


Yet despite this the media overlook the good news and the public remain in the dark.  

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  1. I sure hope they are successful - the madness has got to stop. We have real problems to deal with.


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