Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cyclone Patricia: another alarmist lie.

Anthony Cox writes

The headlines said it all:

The hysteria was endless. Naturally the ABC got involved:

The ABC image clearly shows a bit of rain and medium wind gusts as Patricia hits the West tourist coast of Mexico. I have been out surfing in worse conditions than this.

At the same time as this allegedly monster cyclone Patricia was wreaking havoc on Mexico a real high category cyclone was wandering around the Pacific further out to sea. Cyclone Olaf was a genuine category 4 cyclone. But Olaf was no problem as it stayed out to sea. Patricia was the one the alarmists concentrated on because it made landfall.

But Olaf allows us to see how small Patricia really was. Cyclones obtain their energy from the sea surface. Thermal imaging of sea surface temperature shows a cooling when a cyclone passes over the ocean. 

The size of this cooling pool gives a precise picture of how big the cyclone is. RSS satellite imaging shows both Olaf and Patricia in the Pacific Ocean. Olaf starts developing West of Mexico on the 19th October and disappears on the 27th. During this period, Patricia is barely visible closer to the Western Mexico coast:

Plainly Patricia was not a category 5 cyclone. In fact the Low which struck Newcastle in April 2015 was a bigger and more destructive storm.

The annual alarmist ego fest is about to begin in Paris and the luvvies, the Shrill and the watermelons are getting into their stride. A devastating cyclone just before this annual orgy of alarmism would have been perfect for them. But like every other failed prediction and aspect of alarmism Patricia would not play ball.

Will the lies about Patricia stop the Paris farce from happening? Not a chance.

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