Australia MUST SAY NO to COP21 Climate Treaty

Why say “No” to a new UN Climate Treaty?
  1. 25 years of Propaganda - The upcoming conference in Paris is the culmination of more than two decades of intensive (and very expensive) propagandizing and fear-mongering aimed at convincing the people of the world (especially in The West) that we must all submit to drastic global controls or face dreadful consequences from catastrophic anthropogenic (human- caused) global warming (CAGW).
  2. Bogus ‘science’ collapsing -The Paris conference is probably the ‘last ditch stand’ for the climate alarmists because real world measurements are steadily demolishing the predictions derived from deficient computer models. For example, even though carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are steadily increasing:
    • average global temperatures have not risen for more than 17 years.
    • actual sea level rise is looking like approximately 17 cm per century compared with UN
      predictions of 90 cm.
    • Arctic and Antarctic sea ice coverage is growing despite predictions it would disappear.
  3. Plans to subvert our democracy -The conference organisers are desperate to get every nation to sign up to a new climate treaty which will commit the entire world to new emission reduction targets and commit developed nations like Australia to billions of dollars in contributions to the UN’s climate fund.
  4. Global Governance -The UN sees such a treaty as a major step forward in establishing a world government which will be able to over-ride national sovereignties by controlling global energy resources and supply. It looks like both President Obama and misguided Pope Francis will support the UN push.
  5. Canada & Australia unwilling -The conservative national governments in Canada and Australia were the only likely standouts’ in the western world – likely to resist signing the treaty. This is because the Canadian Prime Minister (Harper) and the former Australian Prime Minister (Abbott) had both rejected any climate control policies (like carbon taxes or emission trading schemes) which were likely to damage their national economies.
  6. Plot against Abbott - For this reason, left wing forces, sponsored by UN affiliations, have successfully unseated Abbott by destabilising his Prime Ministership and are working relentlessly to replace Harper’s Party at the Canadian elections in October, 2015
  7. Turnbull turnabout - Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop, with the support of Greg Hunt, without the moderating influence of Abbott’s scepticism, now will be almost certain to sign the Paris treaty and so sell us all out.
  8. Just in case - If the new treaty is to be endorsed by Australia, it is essential that our representatives insist on an ‘ESCAPE CLAUSE’ such as was included in the previous Kyoto treaty to which Kevin Rudd signed us up in December, 2007. Otherwise, we may be submitting to UN control forever.
    A publication of The Southern Sydney Think Tank (SSTT) October, 2015 Email:

Content inspired by opinions of Lord Christopher Monckton, Global Warming Policy Foundation 


  1. Unfortunately, after members of Australia's Liberal Party carried out their coup and seized control, Australia ended up with a left wing global warming alarmist, Malcolm Turnbull, as prime minister ... a man who plotted with the former left wing Labor prime minister, Kevin Rudd, in 2009 to introduce an emissions trading scheme. That was the reason Turnbull was replaced as Liberal leader, by Tony Abbott, who really never swallowed all the global warming crap and got the support of Australia to win government and become prime minister.

    Turnbull is a wet ... he has always believed in the UN and the UN's IPCC and it is expected that this left wing wet will embrace the ideology of environmentalism as has the Pope. Turnbull is a catholic as well, which is all the more disappointing to many catholics because of his weak stance on key issues. There is no doubt he will sign the agreement in Paris in December committing Australia to restricting fossil fuel energy use and promoting all the expensive green renewable energy scams seen in Europe and California.

  2. Everyone involved in this debate, especially Turnbull, should be required to watch this entire video which is a presentation by a scientist who debunks the climate change myth.


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