Saturday, 3 October 2015

AGW Hoax now propped up by Australia's Major Parties; Don't let them sign @ COP21.

Below there is an invitation that was sent to all MPs.
It shows plans for climate change briefings and meetings in Canberra, co hosted by Greg Hunt (Liberal), Mark Butler (Labor) and Larissa Waters (Greens). There is a bipartisan movement between the three parties to move forward with plans to sign the UN Climate Change Agreement in Paris in December. They're all in this together.

The speakers at this meeting are all warmists, e.g. David (24 lies in 3 minutes) Karoly and others. There is no balance from people like Bob Carter or Ian Plimer. Of course there isn't - the truth is inconvenient. No wonder Hunt shut down Tony Abbott's investigation into the homogenised (read: manipulated to show warming) temperature data exposed by Dr Jennifer Marohasy.
Turnbull and Bishop are planning to sign the Paris climate change agreement in December - There is no doubt about it. Once signed, Direct Action will become a thing of the past - to be replaced by carbon permits, carbon trading and our money going overseas to the UN instead of staying in Australia. 
Everything we fought against when Turnbull was Opposition Leader, and when Rudd was PM.
I hope others who read this share it with their friends to get the message out. 
Ring MPs, especially the Nationals, and let them know you don't want Australia joined at the hip with the corrupt and unelected UN and that you don't support Australia signing the UN Climate Change Treaty in December.
Make a noise: only people power can stop this.

Dear Member,
I write to invite you and your advisors to a Parliamentary Information Session on the Science of Climate Change.
At the session leading Australian climate scientists will discuss the impact of Australia’s decision to sign the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the upcoming COP21. 
There is also an opportunity for you to meet with climate researchers in private briefings, should your diary permit.

Information Session
Date: Tuesday 20 October 2015
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: Reps Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House, Canberra

Private Briefings 
Date: Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October 2015 
Time and Venue: To be confirmed – please email **** to arrange

Supported by The Honourable Greg Hunt MP, Mr Mark Butler MP and Senator Larissa Waters, the lunchtime information session will include presentations from some of Australia’s most eminent climate change researchers based at leading research institutions across the country. You can find short biographies on these scientists in the attached. 
There will be a focus on the local, regional and global impacts of climate change (in particular the effects of sea level rise), the economics of reducing Australia’s emissions, and possible mitigation and adaptation measures. In addition, a broader discussion will consider how Australia can address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and, I hope, provide fruitful information in the lead up to COP21 in Paris in November. 
We hope you and your advisors will be able to find time in your busy schedule to attend this information session and/or meet privately with the visiting researchers on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October to discuss any area of climate science of interest. 
To arrange an individual meeting, or for more details about the information session, please contact **** advising if there are specific climate scientists you would like to attend your private briefing. 
We look forward to meeting with you.
Kind regards,


  1. It is particularly inappropriate that a meeting to discuss the impacts of signing an agreement should only include researchers who openly advocate such signing and pointedly exclude the most highly qualified voices who have been pointing out the possible negative impacts. This kind of phony consultation goes beyond incompetent administration. It is a sham deliberately intended to mislead the electorate and should be seen for what it is, malfeasance in office.

  2. The UN ELECTED Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull does NOT have the authority of the Australian People to sign this agreement.

  3. Well said, Walter.

    Sadly the three politicians representing all the major parties and the academics with whom they connive know that they can access the media while climate realists cannot. The media is thus complicit and demonstrates malfeasance.

  4. You poor devils. Maintaining this sad fiction when the game is over. We met in Paris, 2015 and we won! You guys are history!

  5. Poor devil indeed. This post was written before COP21 in Paris. What happened in Paris? A Claytons agreement. Still, the deluded can have another conference in a few years, claiming that there is only six months to save the world.


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