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Here is NZ Climate Truth Newsletter No 344

Vincent Gray

Guest Writer Kerry Brown, ESQ, St. Petersburg.
The USA is completely powerless to decrease global CO2 emissions. In fact there will be significant increases in global emissions regardless of what onerous regulations we put in place. Why you ask?

  1. China now consumes 45% of the world’s coal. (See, NY Times 8/16/14 editorial).
  2. China’s CO2 output has grown to 2x that of the US. It will increase as China is projected to double its output by 2040.(Huffington Post 12/5&15, 2014 citing the US Gov’t). US C02 emissions have only slowly increased even before the recent war on coal.
  3. China has built about 3 or 4 coal fired energy plants every month for the past 10 years and has separate plans to build 50 coal gasification plants estimated to produce 1.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide/year per Greenpeace as cited in the NY Times 7/23/14. (See also Eric Larson in Climate Central 1/27/14).
  4. The green group Kiko Network reports that Japan is going to construct 43 coal fired plants to replace nuclear power. We haven’t begun to talk about a growing India and other countries.
  5. Global temperatures have been essentially flat since 1998 contrary to the billion dollar computer models we taxpayers have paid for. (“Global Warming has stalled since 1998-Met Weather Office admits Earth’s temp has risen slower
    than 1st thought” Daily Mail January 8, 2013).
  6. Pope Francis in his recent encyclical on the environment stated, “I am concerned to encourage an honest and open debate so that particular interests or ideologies will not prejudice the common good.” How that will happen is problematic given that alarmists rarely accept offers to debate. In fact, instead of debate, the mean greenies have tried to go after the jobs of realists, such as Dr. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Dr. Legates at the University of Delaware.
  7. There is not a 97% consensus among scientists and it’s one of many misleading assertions by the global warming zealots. See, D. R. Legates, et al., “Climate Consensus and Misinformation” (Science and Education, August 2013).
  8. If the US is irrelevant, why harm our citizens and our economy by making energy much more expensive and unreliable (energy for manufacturing and transport being key cost components of a product)? See the Associated Press article of 5/21/14, “Your Electric Bill Will Skyrocket with New Energy Regulations.”
The scare mongers are at the least, grossly overstating humans’ contribution to global warming and grossly understating the effect of solar, ocean and other natural cycles. At worst, there has been a corruption of science by an unholy alliance of green zealots, grant driven scientists, power hungry politicians, and a brainwashed/lazy media and populace all greased by billions upon billions of your hard earned money.
This essay has quoted mainstream media and environmentalist sources, save one. If you have an open mind, please visit the Heartland Institute.org for realist/skeptic science and opinions.We may also discuss what to do if global warming dramatically increases. Namely, shouldn’t we transfer our massive research and subsidy monies towards flooding mitigation and developing heat tolerant food crops?
My next essay will concentrate on the complex science of climate change. And why do we spend billions of dollars on subsidies that actually hurt the poor and wildlife? Another area to explore is the ample evidence of some benefits to a warming Earth.
Kerry H. Brown, Attorney,  kerryhbrown@gmail.com, 447 Third Avenue N. Suite 310, St. Petersburg, FL 33701,  727-823-1776


  1. Your blog is 100% PRATT's. Pathological or paycheck?

    1. The trouble with the Shrill is that they cannot rebut the science from the realists so they post idiotic comments without any reference to science.


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