Oh, Glorious White masts

Dear rhymeafterrhyme has done it again
This time on wind farms swirling in green
Green mist blinds the pollies
Their ignorance seen

So contact your member 
Send MPs a note
Say in December
We want a no vote

Oh Glorious White Masts!

© Will Scribe 2015

Oh glorious white masts!
Out of subsidies wrought,
From a left wing agenda
So skilfully taught,
By politicians on a mission
To change the world,
Our judgement being clouded
As the green mist swirled.

Will Scribe Wind Turbine 02

Oh glorious white masts!
May each turbine blade
Keep reminding us all
Of the vast amounts paid
To have you erected,
And to destroy our views,
And to provide so little
Of the power that we use.