Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Clover Moore - Climate Scientist or Agenda 21 Promoter?

Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, has written an opinion piece published by the Huffington Post. (link)

Previously, this Mayor bought 10 Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) - a so-called "green" car. (LINK) Are these cars really Green?

Bjørn Lomborg wrote: (link)
Consumers remain wary of the cars' limited range, higher price and the logistics of battery-charging. But for those who do own an electric car, at least there is the consolation that it's truly green, right? Not really.   
...sure, electric cars don't emit carbon-dioxide on the road. But the energy used for their manufacture and continual battery charges certainly does—far more than most people realize.
Reminds me of the quote from Bertolt Brecht:
What a miserable thing life is: you're living in clover, only the clover isn't good enough.
And Australia's  Clover isn't good enough. She wasn't good enough when she bought her 10 Leafs and she definitely isn't good enough in her latest opinion piece.

Take her third sentence:
The shameful truth is that the slow response to this urgent issue means some climate change is now inevitable.

  • Truth? Truth and her article are strangers.  
  • Urgent Issue? Although the falsely accused atmospheric CO2 keeps rising, there has been no global warming for around twenty years. (link) (link
  • Climate Change Inevitable? Clover, you are right! Climate Change is inevitable. Climate has changed since the planet was formed.
Clover moves on to Australia's Greenhouse emissions: 
We have the highest greenhouse emissions per capita in the developed world....
Yes, Clover, but we are a large, sparsely-populated country. The following table confirms Clover's per capita statement but when you compare our actual emissions with other countries, we are way down at position 17.

Then Clover says:
Commitments from national governments are the crucial foundation for keeping us below a 2-degree-temperature rise.
Well, Clover, the data sets from both bodies recording the satellite data show COOLING this century.  

UAH Release Version 6.0 – Confirms Cooling Trend Since 1998

So, the Global Temperature is COOLING.

Moore Sorry, more from Clover:
Fortunately, a number of mayors are leading the way, and those who are taking action are seeing the economic and health benefits of investing in sustainable climate solutions.
Actually, the mayors are leading the waste of ratepayers funds on addressing a non-existent problem.

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  1. Dear Clover,

    I do hope you are aware that the very best way to make the city "greener" is to release MORE CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Plant LOVE CO2.. (you would think someone name Clover would know that.)

    With H2O, CO2 is the major building block of ALL life on this planet of our.

    And this planet is getting greener, thanks to our de-sequestration of CO2.


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