The Absurd Alarm re (man-made) Climate Change

An Interview on FOX News begins with a quote from Dr Richard Lindzen in the Wall Street Journal 4 March 2015: 
Individuals and organisations highly vested in disaster scenarios have relentlessly attacked scientists and others who don not share their beliefs. The attacks have taken a threatening turn. 
When asked about VP Joe Biden's outburst: ‘Denying climate change is like denying gravity,’ Dr Lindzen replied: ‘He’s absolutely right. Climate has been changing for 4.5  billion years and on all time scales.

Some quotes (H/t Climate Depot)

These guys think saying climate changes, saying it gets warmer or colder by a few tenths of a degree should be taken as evidence that the end of the world is coming. 
And it completely ignores the fact that until this hysteria, climate scientists used to refer to the warm periods in our history as optima.

‘We are demonizing a chemical — a molecule essential to life – CO2′

Doctor Lindzen's parting quote:
The whole thing is fairly absurd.