Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Swiss Voters overwhelmingly reject Carbon Dioxide Tax.

Absurd and expensive! Energy tax -NO!
Bill Shorten intends to bring back the economy-crippling tax on vital-to-life carbon dioxide if he becomes Prime Minister at the next Australian Federal Election.
BILL Shorten has staked his prime ministerial ambitions on a pledge to resurrect carbon pricing, just hours after the unpopular carbon tax was finally put to the sword. 
“The tax you voted to get rid of is finally gone,’’ Mr Abbott said.
But the Labor leader said Mr Abbott had made Australia the first country in the world to reverse action on climate change.  (LINK)
Next time you hear Alternate Prime Minister (APM) Shorten voice sentiments like this, remind him that, around the world, people are showing little concern for environment issues (Environment Issues at record Lows) as the AGW hoax unravels. The latest bit of ammo to aim at APM Shorten comes from Switzerland:

92% Of Swiss Voters Reject Carbon Tax In Referendum 

Swiss voters Sunday overwhelmingly rejected an initiative that would have scrapped the Alpine country’s value-added-tax system and replaced it with a carbon tax, a move that would have made gasoline, heating oil and other forms of power more expensive for consumers.
H/t Benny Peiser

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