Tuesday, 6 January 2015

RSS Data Rubbishes Hottest Year Claims

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Paul Homewood

RSS satellite data is now published for December, and confirms that global atmospheric temperatures for 2014 are nowhere near the record being touted by NOAA and NASA.


The anomaly for the year has finished at 0.256C, which ties with 2007 as only the sixth warmest year since 1979. Not only that, but last year was well below the record set in 1998, and also 2010.
It has been claimed that there is a lag before tropospheric temperatures reflect higher sea temperatures. However, monthly temperatures according to RSS peaked in June and July, a couple of months after El Niño conditions peaked, as would be expected. Since then temperatures have dropped back and stabilised.
Unless El Niño conditions strengthen during the winter, it seems unlikely that we will see any significant increase in RSS temperatures in the next few months. 


We await the UAH numbers with interest, but it looks as if the much more accurate and comprehensive satellite data will confirm that the temperature standstill has just extended for another year.

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