Friday, 7 November 2014

Who are the Real Deniers?

BigMoney was spent trying to prop up support for the falsified CAGW hypothesis during the US
Tom Steyer
Half Term elections. At the head of the list, Liberal Tom Steyer donated $58 million to Political Action Committees (PACs)
The California billionaire and climate-change activist gave $16 million more to his NextGen Climate Action Committee in the first two weeks of October, bringing to $57.6 million his aggregate donations to his organization.  (link)
Despite the donated Billions, the US voters turned their collective backs on the Alarmist candidates.

The "whackos are inconsolable in their grief" and are spewing out hate language including "denier" - the hateful reference to the holocaust. The Alarmists had previously lost the scientific argument and now find they have also lost the political argument...hence the hatred.

Astrophysicist Dr Gordon Fulks believes "that we most effectively discredit that term by turning it back on those who use it against us."

He previously wrote a column on this blog -see HERE - which is reproduced below:

Who are the Deniers? 

by Dr Gordon J Fulks

Global Warmers are forever calling those of us who disagree with them 'Deniers.' This thinly veiled reference to the Holocaust and the murder of six million people is far from appropriate. Do Skeptics deny the Holocaust and the science? Of course not, but it brings up an interesting question: 

Who denies natural climate change? 
  • Who denies the importance of variable solar irradiance and the possible importance of solar modulation of galactic cosmic rays? 
  • Who denies that our Sun is a variable star? 
  • Who denies that our oceans contain the vast majority of mobile heat on this planet and therefore dominate our climate, year to year and decade to decade? 
  • Who denies the importance of natural ocean cycles like the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), discovered by researchers studying salmon? 
  • Who denies clear cyclical variations in our climate, easily traceable to ocean cycles? 
  • Who denies that our recent warming commenced about 1830, long before significant burning of fossil fuels? 
  • Who denies that ice core data clearly show that recent warming is consistent with previous warm periods, like the Medieval, Roman, and Minoan? 
  • Who denies that CO2 lags temperature in the ice core data by as much as 800 years and hence is a product of climate change not a cause? 
  • Who denies 150 years of chemical measurements of atmospheric CO2 that suggest that ice core reconstructions of past CO2 concentrations are low by 60 ppm? 
  • Who denies that the global temperature went down for three decades after World War II, despite significant increases in human emissions of CO2 due to industrialization? 
  • Who denies that water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas and by far the dominant climate gas, not CO2? 
  • Who denies that increasing CO2 is a substantial benefit to plants and therefore helps us feed the seven billion people on this planet? 
  • Who denies that our oceans are alkaline not acidic and can never turn acidic because of buffering? 
  • Who denies that the EPA's three "Lines of Evidence" supporting their Endangerment Finding on CO2 are all fatally flawed? 
  • Who denies the leveling off of the Global Temperature for the past 15 years? 
  • Who denies that the 'Hotspot' (required by Global Warming theory) does not exist in the tropical troposphere? 
  • Who denies that all 73 computerized climate models are epic failures? 
  • Who denies that theories which fail validation tests are dead? 
  • Who denies the supremacy of evidence over theory? 
  • Who denies the supremacy of logic and evidence over authority and consensus?
  • Who denies that Extreme Weather has always been with us and cannot be traced to CO2? 
  • Who denies that the Climategate e-mails showed fundamental cheating by those scientists promoting Global Warming?
  • Who denies that many prominent scientists oppose climate hysteria?

In short, who denies both the science and the scientific method?