Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Old King Coal with UPDATE

Christine Milne: "Coal is bad for humanity...." (link)
Adam Bandt: "It seems that the Government refuses to accept that coal causes climate change ....

These people are barking mad. To misquote Milne: "The Greens are bad for humanity." They hate people. Coal has help raise living standards in the developed world.
Coal wants to provide cheap coal-fired electricity to raise standards of living in developing nations like India where the grid misses much of the rural interior.  (link)
But the grizzling Green Grinches want to prevent the third world from raising their living standards.

The Manhattan Institute have released their

No. 14 October 2014

Robert Bryce, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Executive Summary

Since 1973, coal consumption has grown faster than any other form of energy. Growth in coal consumption has been critical in providing electricity access in developing countries.

Based on the results of three different estimates, this paper finds that between 1990 and 2010, about 830 million people—the vast majority in developing countries—gained access to electricity due to coal-fired generation. Indeed, roughly twice as many people gained access to electricity due to coal as due to natural gas; and for every person who obtained access to electricity over that period from non-hydro renewable sources, such as wind and solar, about 13 gained access due to coal.

Coal-fired-generation capacity continues to grow in wealthy countries, too. For electricity production, no other energy source can currently match the black fuel when it comes to cost, scale, and reliability. In all, more than 500 gigawatts of new coal-fired capacity will likely be built worldwide by 2040. Given coal’s pivotal role in providing electricity to poor and wealthy countries alike, it is highly unlikely that global carbon-dioxide emissions will fall anytime soon.

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Below a reader Peter has suggested that correlation is causation. Any fool knows that is wrong, however it seems to make sense to him.
Source: Jo Nova

The rise in global temperatures since 1880 closely correlates with increases in postal charges, sparking alarm that CO2 has been usurped as the main driver of climate change.