Thursday, 30 October 2014

NIWA Wrong in Making Temperature Warmer

By Anthony Cox

In 2012 Judgement was given in a case where the New Zealand equivalent of the Bureau of Meteorology, NIWA, was accused of adjusting temperature data to make the record warmer; the decision went against the litigants because the Judge said he had to believe the better scientific credentials of NIWA; see:

Now a new paper has come out written by prominent scientists who have equal qualifications to the NIWA scientists which supports the case against NIWA for wrongly making temperature warmer: (See footnote)

Just as in Australia with BOM we see NZ having its temperature record wrongly made warmer.

It’s a pity this new paper was not available to the litigants against NIWA.

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A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand * by C.R. de Freitas, M.O. Dedekind and B.E. Brill.
A research paper on the homogenisation of the temperature record in New Zealand, reducing the current official rate of 0.9°C per century to 0.3°C, has just been published in the international scientific journal Environmental Modeling and Assessment.

British Climate Change Act was a Profound Mistake

British Press Release:

It is now 6 years to the day since the House of Commons voted for the Climate Change Bill at Third Reading, by a majority of 465 to 5. The five of us have seen nothing in the intervening 6 years to change our view that the Climate Change Act was a profound mistake. It is time to bring to an end the pointless damage being inflicted on British households, British industry and the British economy by the unilateral commitment to unnecessarily expensive energy, and to suspend the Climate Change Act's unilateral targets until such time as a binding global agreement has been secured. -- Christopher Chope MP, 
- Phillip Davies MP, 
- Peter Lilley MP, 
- Andrew Tyrie MP, 
- Ann Widdecombe (MP 1987 - 2010), 28 October 2014

Britain faces a dark winter and Ann Widdicombe who has since left Parliament writes for the UK Express:

The climate change rebels were spot on

This week I returned to the House of Commons to join the other four for an anniversary dinner. Andrew Tyrie, Peter Lilley, Christopher Chope and Philip Davies are still there fighting the nonsense but I have simply joined the ranks of the long-suffering British public who view the increasing “lights will go out” stories with grim foreboding. 
Support for the then Labour Government’s bill was all part of Cameron’s campaign to “modernise” the Tory Party. It was the same campaign which saw him driving huskies and putting a ridiculous wind turbine on his roof so he was pretty displeased with the five of us but we were right. Oh, so right.
The wretched Bill committed us, at huge expense, to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by a staggering 80 per cent
Ann Widdecombe
The wretched Bill committed us, at huge expense, to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by a staggering 80 per cent. Yet that was supposed to be part of a global agreement and, as was easily foreseeable, there has been no such agreement but we have soldiered on despite accounting for about 2 per cent of all the world’s emissions. We have shunned the obvious answer of nuclear power in favour of vast, ugly, inefficient, bird-mashing wind farms which benefit none but those who take the subsidies from them. The phrase “political correctness gone mad” could have been invented for this stupidity alone.