Sunday, 19 October 2014

John Cook cooking - er sorry - uncooking the temperature data

Cartoonist John Cook in his comical blog UNSkeptical UNScience tells us that increased sea ice in Antarctica is due to warming....yep....warming of the Southern Ocean.

Can he really believe that, or is that a line from one of his comics?
The most common misconception regarding Antarctic sea ice is that sea ice is increasing because it's cooling around Antarctica. ...... The reality is the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica has shown strong warming over the same period that sea ice has been increasing. (Link)
 Not a lot of people know that has revealed the truth:
Cook forgets that some of us know how to check the data.
Bob Tisdale produces analyses of sea surface teperatures each month, and these have shown that the Southern Ocean has been getting considerable colder since 1981, and particularly in the last 8 years.

Source: Bob Tisdale