Friday, 17 October 2014

Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore: Greenpeace is evil.

Just before he embarks on his Down-under tour (See tour schedule HERE) , Patrick Moore has labelled the body he co-founded - Greenpeace - as evil and guilty of losing its humanitarian roots.

From the MailOnLine:
  • •  Co-founder Patrick Moore says organisation doesn't care about people
  • •  He cites example of a GM-rice which would help millions if widely produced
  • •  Dr Moore says fact that Greenpeace oppose crop shows it is 'evil'
  • •  Comes after the ecologist quit the group because it became 'too political'

  • Ecologist Dr Patrick Moore, who quit Greenpeace in 1986, has launched a scathing criticism of the activist group, which he insisted has lost its humanitarian roots. 
His attack on the organisation he helped create comes as former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson campaigns against the 'self-serving' and 'highly-paid' network of environmental pressure groups he calls the 'green blob'.  (LINK)
Dr Moore told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme: 'My problem with Greenpeace is they have lost any humanitarian roots they had. 
'When we started Greenpeace it was to stop nuclear war and the destruction of human civilisation, that of course is the "peace" in Greenpeace. 
'The "green" is the environment and that's good as well, but they lost the concerns for humans... They have turned, basically, into an evil organisation.'
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Australia's Green Obsession

Green 'blob"
English Ex-Minister Owen Paterson is more aware of the Climate Scam than most of the Australian Ministry.

Australia has a Green obsession in the Main Stream Media; the Greens Party (obviously); in most of the Labor Party but also in at least half of the Liberal/National Party.

The Mail-On-Line Reports:

Owen Paterson accuses ministers of raising energy prices for the poor
  • •  Former Environment Secretary said support for flawed wind and solar power cost   billions and made electricity and gas needlessly expensive
  • •  He called on Whitehall to was to scrap the Climate Change Act
  • •  Warned claims of impending environmental disaster were 'exaggerated'
The former Environment Secretary attacked a so-called ‘green blob’ at the heart of Government yesterday – accusing Whitehall officials and ministers of raising energy prices for the poor. 
Owen Paterson said their support for flawed wind and solar power cost billions and made electricity and gas needlessly expensive 
He said the ‘green blob’ included civil servants and quangos in thrall to the climate change and environmental lobby. He claimed it had blocked him from prioritising shale gas exploration as a more efficient way to secure energy for the future. 
Mr Paterson, who was removed as Environment Secretary in July, said the only way to ‘keep the lights on’ was to scrap the Climate Change Act, which requires the UK to use more renewable energy and is backed by civil servants.
Meanwhile, the LNP Government paid a token tribute to the majority of citizens aware of the Falsified AGW Hoax by scrapping the Carbon (dioxide) tax but leaving in place a plethora of other Green "blobs" including the citizen-punishing Renewable Energy Targets. To misquote Paterson: the only way to ‘keep the lights on’ was to scrap the Renewable Energy Targets.