Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Flannery's Fools - Useless Tools.

Flannery's Fools, AKA The Climate Council need counselling. They have issued an Alarmist report:

Climate Change and Coastal Flooding

Flannery examining the flooding ocean.
Perhaps they have been caught napping,

According to the National Geographic, itself a warmist organisation: (link)

The rise in sea levels is linked to three primary factors, all induced by this ongoing global climate change: 
Thermal expansion: When water heats up, it expands. About half of the past century's rise in sea level is attributable to warmer oceans simply occupying more space. 
Melting of glaciers and polar ice caps: Large ice formations, like glaciers and the polar ice caps, naturally melt back a bit each summer. But in the winter, snows, made primarily from evaporated seawater, are generally sufficient to balance out the melting. Recently, though, persistently higher temperatures caused by global warming have led to greater-than-average summer melting as well as diminished snowfall due to later winters and earlier springs. This imbalance results in a significant net gain in runoff versus evaporation for the ocean, causing sea levels to rise. 
Ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica: As with glaciers and the ice caps, increased heat is causing the massive ice sheets that cover Greenland and Antarctica to melt at an accelerated pace. Scientists also believe meltwater from above and seawater from below is seeping beneath Greenland's and West Antarctica's ice sheets, effectively lubricating ice streams and causing them to move more quickly into the sea. Moreover, higher sea temperatures are causing the massive ice shelves that extend out from Antarctica to melt from below, weaken, and break off.
Let's examine these three causes of sea level rise:

Thermal Expansion

As there has been no global warming for 18 years, this cannot be a factor.

Melting of Glaciers and Polar Ice Caps

A check will find that most glaciers have stopped retreating with many advancing. (Link

Polar Ice is also increasing. Latest data show that Arctic Sea Ice is getting thicker and Antarctic sea ice continues to expand (link) See also "our" ABC - link

Ice Loss Greenland and West Antarctica

As more and more real world evidence disproves the Man Made climate change hoax, Alarmists, like the Climate Council come out with more and more Alarm. This only makes them more and more comical.