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Latest Stupid AGW Stuff

AGW Update; latest stupid things

by Anthony Cox

With AGW you get used to stupid things done by the alarmists and opportunists who promote this grotesquely wasteful ideological clap trap but a couple of things recently show that the true believers are expanding the parameters again in terms of what they think they can get away with.

The first is another declaration of doom and gloom about how AGW is going to make crop production decline and we’re all going to starve. AGW does this; It’s like a torturer thinking up new ways to kill you. This week it’s starving.

So, a few odds and sods collectively known as climate scientists have been pushing the starvation barrow and the Fairfax press, media to the apocalypse has dutifully reported this gibberish.

The idea that crop production is falling due to AGW is easily refuted by this list of crop records for all crops since 1970.

It takes a special type of deluded perception to claim a non-existent problem, AGW, is causing a non-existent problem, reduced crop production.

This delusion however has further dimensions. Some background shows this. Current levels of CO2 are the lowest in geologic history:

This graph is also instructive in that it shows the lack of correlation between CO2 and temperature over geologic periods.

Equally the idea that warmer temperatures are a catastrophe is refuted by this geologic graph:

Note the Eocene Optimum. It was an optimum period for plants and wildlife because it was warm; that’s why it is called the Optimum. There are many studies showing that warm conditions are better than cold; certainly less people die due to warmth than cold and generally people thrive due to warmth as professor Tol’s study shows.

In terms of agriculture CO2 improves plant growth as our dear friend Tim Curtin’s last study shows.

Other studies show world rice production increasing despite, as usual, alarmist predictions that rice production would fall.

And Professor Sage’s seminal study on the development of agriculture shows that it could not happen until levels of CO2 increased to at least 270 parts per million perhaps just 12000 years ago.

Today’s level of CO2 at 400 parts per million is just above the absolute minimum level of CO2 required for agriculture.

So how delusional are these AGW scientists claiming AGW, or increased CO2 is going to cause agriculture to decline?

Well in true topsy turvy fashion, in a world view where logic is dispensed with along comes another AGW believer, a university professor who declares that sceptics of AGW are insane and should be treated as insane. Here is her background and here is her picture:

I rest my case.

Wild, Weird Weather

Thanks to cartoonist Steve Hunter who has gambled again
that we may raise enough money to pay him.
Another Issue of "Carbon Sense” 
prepared by Viv Forbes 
and Supporters of The Carbon Sense Coalition.
1 March 2014

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Carbon Dioxide May Calm the Climate,
but it Cannot Cause Wild Weird Weather

Every day some place in the world has “wild weather”. And in recent times, human industry gets the blame. “It’s all caused by man-made global warming” (generally shortened to “global warming”, or GW by alarmists).

Floods or droughts – blame GW; bushfires or snowstorms – blame GW; frosts or heatwaves – blame GW; hail storms or dust storms – blame GW; cyclones or tornadoes – blame GW.

In fact, here is a complete list of all the things blamed on global warming:

If all of this were true, then carbon dioxide is surely the most powerful and disruptive gas on the planet. That great scientist, John Kerry, even calls it a “weapon of mass destruction”.

(See Steve Hunter cartoon above)

But carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most stable, predictable, unreactive and puny of all climate factors. And its effect diminishes for each addition of CO2 to the atmosphere. Adding more now has almost zero effect on temperature.

This graph shows that the apparent effect of man’s production of carbon dioxide 

has declined dramatically since 1941, and it is now insignificant.


Weather is ruled by solar heating, winds, clouds, pressure zones, temperature distribution, moisture content, lunar phases, sun spots, solar cycles, local topography and the massive moving oceans. A meteorologist never checks today’s CO2 level before he prepares a weather forecast for the next few days. Sailors and farmers watch the clouds, the wind and the moon, and have barometers, thermometers and hygrometers – none think about CO2 levels.

Rising CO2 in the atmosphere has only one proven effect – it encourages the growth of green plants. Forests, desert plants, crops, orchards, grasses and weeds are all growing better. None of this can cause wild weather.

See: Climate SHOCKER - Rising CO2 is turning the world's deserts GREEN:

We are told that rising CO2 will cause runaway global warming. This has never occurred in the past with much higher levels of CO2. The evidence shows that temperature cycles come and go, sometimes in phase with today’s gently rising CO2 sometimes totally out of phase.

Wild weather is usually caused by extreme differences in air pressures and temperatures, which produce strong winds as the atmosphere tries to equalise things. Variable moisture content can then add storm energy to the brew.

Water vapour is the important “greenhouse gas” in the atmosphere. Rising CO2 has almost zero effect on equatorial temperatures, because there is usually so much moisture in equatorial atmospheres that it completely overshadows any impact that CO2 may have. The “equatorial hot spot” predicted by the IPCC computer models, and supposedly caused by CO2 warming, is just not there.

But in the very dry atmosphere of above the poles, any rise in the amount of CO2 in the air may still have a tiny warming effect which thus reduces the temperature gradient between the equator and poles. This actually LOWERS the potential for wild weather.

There is evidence to support this view – in the depths of the Little Ice Age, storms and wild weather were more common. Global cooling may produce more storms.

See: The storminess of the Little Ice Age:

Carbon dioxide can possibly calm the climate but cannot cause wild weather (except in alarmist computer models.)

There has been no measurable “global warming” for 16 years so CO2 cannot be causing England’s floods, the US snow or the Australian drought. We have seen them all before.

All records are made to be broken and everyone can expect a share of wild or weird weather some time. There’s no need to invent hobgoblins.

More reading:

“The CO2 climate change theory predicted nothing and has never successfully predicted anything”, Piers Corbyn (a very successful long range weather forecaster):

Global warming did not cause UK storms says Met Office:

Thank Agenda 21, Red Tape and Green sustainability for Somerset floods in UK:

UK Weather is not as weird as Claimed:

And if you would like to comment, you can do so here:

Wandering Professor causes Global Cooling?

There has been no global warming for sixteen years, but Australian Professor Matthew England claims that increased trade winds have pushed the missing heat into the Pacific Ocean. (see England Passes wind..Ed.)

But wind over water causes increased evaporation – that cools the water and transfers ocean heat to the atmosphere via the latent heat of evaporation. So the Prof’s theory fails.

Methinks the disappearance of global warming was caused by all those ice breakers sent to rescue another climate professor, Chris Turney, who got stuck recently in the thick global warming surrounding Antarctica.

Their rescue attempts broke up the polar sea-ice which probably floated off and spread a mantle of cold all over the globe.

(That sounds more likely than the Prof’s theory.)

For some discussions on this subject see:

And here are all their other excuses for the failure of global warming:

How they cope with Global Warming in Canada

See how carbon fuels can really move the snow:

As Climate Alarm Unravels, Things are Getting Nasty

Greenpeace Founder confesses in testimony before the US Senate:

“There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there were such a proof it would be written down for all to see.”

(See also No Scientific Proof  Ed.) 

But the lynch mob doesn’t want to debate science, facts or logic– they want to smear their opponents. How is this for rational debate:

"Surely it's time for climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies."

Richard Glover, The Sydney Morning Herald (2011):

There are plenty more quotes like that:

And we now know where you live:

However, mild mannered Roy Spencer for one has had enough:

And Still the Money Rolls in

All over the world, billionaires and speculators are funding our opponents – George Soros, Jeremy Grantham, Ted Turner, half of Hollywood, the big foundations (Rockefeller, Pew) and Big Oil have helped the alarmist cause; and now US hedge fund billionaire, Tom Steyer, has pledged $100 million to back climate alarm candidates in US elections. They cannot win rational arguments, but they are getting the money.

And :

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