Vital to Life CO2 is "pollution" according to Foreign Minister Bishop.

The Australian interviewed our Foreign Minister who is about to attend COP20 in Lima Peru. (Link)
FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has declared the biggest greenhouse gas emitting nations have the greatest responsibility to make cuts, otherwise their pollution will swamp the reduction efforts of other countries, including Aus­tralia, which produces just 1.5 per cent of carbon emissions. 
In an interview with The Australian, Ms Bishop dismissed arguments that per capita emissions were the best measure, arguing “those countries that are emitting the most have the greatest responsibility in terms of the totality. If they continue to emit at the same rate, the major emitters will dwarf action taken by other countries.’’
The Pollution of the Biggest Greenhouse Gas Emitting Nations!

Why are any cuts needed? The CAGW hypothesis has been falsified. There has been no global warming for 18 years and 2 months whilst the increases of essential CO2 has been greening the planet.

A UN Poll of more than 6 million people found that the global warming hoax is the least of their worries.

Perhaps the saviour of our side will be Andrew Robb.


  1. Another Aussie Pollie with no balls..... o ... sorry Julie...of course not... still, it would be much better if they just had the guts to present some of the facts to the crap fest.

  2. They lost my vote. Jetting by private jet to Lima, fasting on the vast banquet, and promising meaningless sums of money. Then everyone complains that it's a little warm .


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