Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Julie Bishop MP - The Australian Public are your masters; not other COP20 nations.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is attending COP20 in Lima Peru.

Graham Lloyd in The Australian reports: (link)

Ms Bishop has said Australia would determine its actions on the basis of what other nations agreed to do. 
She said Australia would be “happy” to consider a Paris accord with binding emissions targets depending on what other countries were prepared to put on the table. 
“The message that I will be presenting on Australia’s behalf (in Peru) is that the new agreement should establish a common playing field for all countries to take climate action from 2020 and seek commitments from all the major economies to reducing emissions,” she said.
Julie Bishop can say that she would be “happy” to consider a Paris accord with binding emissions targets; but surely she can't say that Australia, the Australia that voted decisively to throw out the tax on essential carbon dioxide, would be "happy."

We voted in the Abbott Government to take their orders from their masters, the people of Australia. We didn't vote in the Abbott Government to take orders from the other Nations. Julie Bishop left Australia as one of the most respected members of the Abbott government. At this rate she will return home at the bottom of the pile.

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  1. the people have spoken Mr Abbott & Ms Bishop, WE do not want a carbon tax or an emmission scheme PERIOD!!!!!......and I would like to know why you are allowing us to be sprayed via the CHEMTRAILS in our skies????....take a look at this link and what these chemtrails contain and what these chemicals are doing to our health and our climates etc..........We want answers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA


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