Old King Coal with UPDATE

Christine Milne: "Coal is bad for humanity...." (link)
Adam Bandt: "It seems that the Government refuses to accept that coal causes climate change ....

These people are barking mad. To misquote Milne: "The Greens are bad for humanity." They hate people. Coal has help raise living standards in the developed world.
Coal wants to provide cheap coal-fired electricity to raise standards of living in developing nations like India where the grid misses much of the rural interior.  (link)
But the grizzling Green Grinches want to prevent the third world from raising their living standards.

The Manhattan Institute have released their

No. 14 October 2014

Robert Bryce, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Executive Summary

Since 1973, coal consumption has grown faster than any other form of energy. Growth in coal consumption has been critical in providing electricity access in developing countries.

Based on the results of three different estimates, this paper finds that between 1990 and 2010, about 830 million people—the vast majority in developing countries—gained access to electricity due to coal-fired generation. Indeed, roughly twice as many people gained access to electricity due to coal as due to natural gas; and for every person who obtained access to electricity over that period from non-hydro renewable sources, such as wind and solar, about 13 gained access due to coal.

Coal-fired-generation capacity continues to grow in wealthy countries, too. For electricity production, no other energy source can currently match the black fuel when it comes to cost, scale, and reliability. In all, more than 500 gigawatts of new coal-fired capacity will likely be built worldwide by 2040. Given coal’s pivotal role in providing electricity to poor and wealthy countries alike, it is highly unlikely that global carbon-dioxide emissions will fall anytime soon.

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Below a reader Peter has suggested that correlation is causation. Any fool knows that is wrong, however it seems to make sense to him.
Source: Jo Nova

The rise in global temperatures since 1880 closely correlates with increases in postal charges, sparking alarm that CO2 has been usurped as the main driver of climate change.


  1. I'm sure most of the third world is more concerned with feeding themselves rather then having electricity to power the iPads they don't have.

    Also this report confirms coal is the leading cause of carbon dioxide emissions and will continue to be into the future.

    1. Peter says that coal causes CO2 emissions.

      Great News!

      Warming and Rising Co2 is Greening the Planet

      Asia Being Greens by Increased CO2 Fertilisation:

      More food for animal and man!

  2. Geoff, why don't you try doing some real research instead of picking bits out of articles you thing support your argument but really don't. That way you might not get so sad when your proven wrong all the time.

    Here, I'll even give you a good place to start you research because I feel sorry for you. Try researching biogeochmical cycling first and when you get your head around that concept I'll give you another one.

  3. THanks for your generous offer, Peter. However I get by really well with my research without your help.

    Here's one for you:

    Give me one piece of evidence that man's (and only man's) Co2 emissions are causing catastrophic global warming.

    Over to you!

  4. Yep, I though real science might be a bit much for you.

    So you can follow this ill use your own info, I wouldn't want to put you off with real data.

    Robert Bryce's paper states 44% of the carbon in the atmosphere is from burning coal and 35% is from burning oil. Last I checked humans are the only organisms on earth to burn fossil fuels so we can safely say we contribute 79% of the carbon in the atmosphere with those two activity's alone.

    A graph you posted recently by climate4u (I think) shows since the start of the 20th century carbon in the atmosphere has risen (by human activity as proven above) and the average temperature has also risen by about .5 degrees in the same period.

    There you have it, proof of human activity's affecting the earths climate for dummies.

    1. It seems real science is a bit much for you, Peter.

      All scientists know that Correlation is not causation. So you are right. Your so-called proof is just proof for dummies.

      The IPCC have admitted that they have no proof that man's CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic global warming. When you have actually proof, get back to me, but don't try with sham efforts like the above!

  5. Sorry Geoff, I didn't see you new graph before my last comment. Don't become a tree huger, become a us postal worker. With what they charge lately the pay must be good and I've heard their all nuts #goingpostal.

    Ps. That graph also shows a rise in carbon and temperature. More proof

    1. Still trying to use the busted correlation idea? No sign of science with you.
      you new graph....huger.....their all nuts er
      your new graph...
      they're all nuts.....

      Perhaps before you look at Science for Dummies you should read Grammar for dummies....

  6. Geoff, did I hurt your feelings?

    Never mind, I'm going to bed now. I'll shoot down more of you rubbish tomorrow.

    I think this might become my new hobby.

    1. So far you have shot nothing down. I don't really want a new hobby exposing youR rubbish.

      The IPCC have admitted that they have no proof that man's CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic global warming. When you have actually proof, get back to me, but don't try with sham efforts like the above!

    2. Geoff, when idiots don't see where they are being idiotic, it is time to give up.

      Peter is not worth your time. He has nothing.

  7. Morning Geoff.

    Geoff, you didn't tell me you have a boyfriend named Leo.

    You know, now I look at the facts:

    1. Your gay
    2. Your a tree huger

    I'm not talking to Geoff Brown, I'm talking to Bob Brown former greens leader.

    Geoff, sorry I mean Bob, the info on your new graph contradicts the info on the climate4you graph you put up a few days ago. Try finding some real info to post.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Gee, Peter,

      Not only do you not understand science, you cannot even take on board grammar and spelling corrections. What a sorry individual.

      So therefore you resort to the deniers' last resort - ad hominems.

      What a sorry individual you are.

      You are wrong (NOTE - Not the incorrect Your wrong) saying the new graph contradicts the info on the climate4you graph you put up a few days ago. There is NO contradiction.

      Here is a study item for you when comparing graphs - check the calibration of the axes.

      The x-axis and y-axis are two lines that create the coordinate plane.

      The x-axis is a horizontal line and the y-axis is a vertical line. I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but it might hard for you to remember which one is which.

  8. Haha, my grammar is like all your data.

    1. AHHA! Giving up on the ad-homs and now resorting to lies.

      If you can't supply proof of the (falsified) hypothesis that masn's CO2 emissions are causing CAGW, don't come back with more garbage.

  9. That masn's CO2?

    Bob if you are going to have a go at my grammar best you check your own

    1. Again you fail, Peter. You fail to recognise the difference between a typo and bad grammar and bad spelling. Probably because, in your ignorance, you can't recognise bad grammar and bad spelling.

      You are pathetic. Come back when you have an answer. Your trite comments will no longer be published.

  10. Pathetic Unscientific Ungrammatical Troll Peter has posted two more stupid ignorant comments without foundation, without a trace of science.

    Peter, If you can't supply proof of the (falsified) hypothesis that man's CO2 emissions are causing CAGW, don't come back with more garbage.

    And I know that you can't show that man's CO2 emissions are causing CAGW.

    Bye Bye.


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