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Patrick Moore - Melbourne Talk

The Young Idealist followed by
the older environmentalist.
This blog has previously revealed how Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, left the Green Movement when the Green Movement was taken over by Refugees from the fall of World Communism: (link)
Patrick is the author of Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist in which he wrote that, after the collapse of World Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the environment movement was hi-jacked by the "political and social activists who learned to use green language to cloak agendas that had more to do with anticapitalism and antiglobalization than with science or ecology."

Patrick Moore is visiting Australia and the organisers have issued an invitation to his Melbourne address:

Dear friends 
Dr. Patrick Moore, committed environmentalist and Greenpeace co-founder, will visit Australia later this month. He left Greenpeace after its hijacking by political activists. He’s committed to restoring the genuine environmental movement, one of Earth’s most important. He’ll discuss various issues including his desire to reinstate science as the basis of environmental policy and his conclusion that claims of human action caused global warming (climate change) are not scientific. 
Attached is an invitation to Melbourne luncheon featuring Patrick. Please share with Victorian friends.   
Date: Monday 27 October 2014Time12 for 12:30 pm 

The organisers will release more details in the near future for other venues around Australia.

Malcolm Roberts



Hugh Morgan AC has pleasure in inviting you to a luncheon to hear Dr. Patrick Moore explain why he ceased to be a member of Greenpeace.

Date: Monday 27 October 2014
Time: 12 for 12:30 pm­
Place: The Australian Club, 110 William St, Melbourne
Cost: $110 p.p. (2-course lunch incl. alcohol)

Pre-payment is required:

·       To pay via EFT: -Galileo Movement Pty Limited, National Australia Bank Ltd., BSB: 084855, Acc. No. 191696855    please include "Moore Melbourne luncheon" as the Payment Reference.
·       To pay via PayPal - click the Paypal “donate” button on web site:     please include "Moore Melbourne luncheon" as the Payment Reference.

(Dr.Moore’s visit is not sponsored by the Galileo Movement Pty. Ltd, but is using its banking facilities)

Pre-payment replaces the need to rsvp

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Des Moore on (03)9867 1235 or Mr Case Smit on (07)5473 0475.

Patrick Moore has been involved in environmental issues for over 40 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. His experience included his membership of the Rainbow Warrior crew when the ship was bombed in Auckland Harbour. 
He left Greenpeace in 1986 because of his concern at the anti-science and extreme political policies it was adopting. He remains concerned about the environment and describes himself as a “sensible environmentalist”. But as such he regards current Greenpeace policies as off beam.  He is visiting Australia to explain why he is now a sceptic of the connection between emissions of greenhouse gases and temperatures and accepts that CO2 actually benefits the environment.

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