Monday, 29 September 2014

Wind Turbine Noise Intolerable

A study by Kristy Hansen, Branko Zajamsek and Colin Hansen from the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide on:

Waterloo Wind Farm (Source)
arrived at this conclusion:

Therefore, the results show that there is a low frequency noise problem associated with the
Waterloo wind farm. Therefore, it is extremely important that further investigation is carried out at
this wind farm in order to determine the source of the low frequency noise and to develop
mitigation technologies. In addition, further research is necessary to establish the long‐term effects of low frequency noise and infrasound on the residents at Waterloo. This research should include health monitoring and sleep studies with simultaneous noise and vibration measurements.

Shellie Correia, on her blog "Mothers Against Wind Turbines" writes that "noise levels are intolerable: (LINK)
This report by the above authors describes the results of their concurrent full spectrum acoustic monitoring conducted at a number of homes located between 2 km out to nearly 10km from the Waterloo Wind Development. This monitoring was independent of the South Australian Environment Protection Authority (SA EPA) and was requested by Mrs Mary Morris and other concerned residents in the Waterloo district. The monitoring occurred during the period of the South Australian EPA Acoustic Survey, conducted in mid 2013. 
The results in this independent survey as well as the conclusions are in marked contrast to the results and conclusions of the SA EPA Acoustic Survey report, and reinforce the Waubra Foundation’s opinion expressed at the time the initial SA EPA report was released that there were serious problems with the methodology used by the SA EPA in its acoustic survey at Waterloo. This report provides further evidence that the current SA EPA Wind Farm Noise Guidelines do not protect the health and sleep of the neighbours to these wind developments, out to nearly 10km from the closest wind turbine, because they do not regulate the acoustic emissions to protect health, and most importantly, the sleep of the neighbours.
H/t John Droz Jr 

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  1. easements acknowledge harm done...local health officers should screen the complaints. Noise compliance is not working.


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