Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The National Climate Assessment.


by Anthony Cox

President Obama has released the latest National Climate Assessment [NCA]. The NCA is full of untruths like the consensus being 97% of all climate scientists endorsing AGW; the 97%consensus is a complete fabrication.

The NCA’s greatest untruth however is its reliance on the temperature record. Anthony Watts looks at the temperature record and shows how the adjustments made to the temperature record which the NCA relies on exceed the ostensible temperature increase. In short the past temperatures are decreased and the current temperatures are increased. This creates an instant trend:
Source Data: NOAA USHCN V2.5 data

The graph shows how the past temperatures are adjusted down while the modern temperatures are adjusted up. The same pattern of temperature adjustments occur in Australia as Jo Nova and her team showed.

Temperature adjustments should be even across the range and not contribute to or produce a trend. Both the BOM and the NCA fail this test.

The effect of this fabrication is insidious. It provides justification for a huge transfer of resources to pro-AGW projects including the failed renewable energy sources. More poignantly it corrupts the values and standards of a wide range of social institutions. The CSIRO and BOM have their research tainted by conformity to AGW ideology. In education at all levels the fear mongering and untruths of such bodies as the NCA permeates what children are taught. The use of children as victims and the target of this propaganda has been well documented. The imagery of this propaganda is vile:

In the 6 May 2014 edition of the Newcastle Morning Herald, the Education Supplement featured this article written with great conviction by some pupils:

Our Planet is heading for more Damage.
Global warming is affecting Australia with humans pumping more carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere. 
Many things are contributing to this, even flatulating cows because of the methane they release. 
Global warming is affecting the ocean’s surface temperatures and it has been observed that there has been an increase in warmer days and nights. 
There is strong scientific evidence that indicates that global warming increases certain types of extreme weather events such as heatwaves, coastal flooding and more severe droughts. The rise of sea levels affects coastal property, people and ecosystems. 
The Hunter region, and in particular Lake Macquarie, has experienced the effects of rising sea levels due to global warming. Lake Macquarie Council has amended its flood resilient housing guidelines to approve the building of floating houses in the area. Other options include raising floor levels, moving houses to higher land, relocatable homes and converting lower floors to car parking and storage.If ice caps continue to melt, rising water levels will be a major problem for coastal towns across the world.

This is terrible. None of this is true but obviously these poor kids are being fed drivel by alarmist educators.

Cows are carbon neutral. Peer reviewed and expert analysis shows that cows are part of a closed loop where plants sequester CO2, are eaten by cows which then release the same amount of CO2 back into the atmosphere; net increase zero.

The ocean’s surface temperatures are declining:

Since 2003 when the ARGO sea temperature measuring devices were introduced sea surface temperatures have fallen drastically. So if global warming is affecting the sea it is a cooling affect!

As for warmer days and nights, this is also untrue. The difference between the minimum temperature or night temperature and the maximum or day temperature is called the Diurnal temperature range [DTR]. The IPCC and global warming theory says the DTR will decrease because night temperatures will warm faster than day temperatures. But this is untrue:

The failure of the DTR to decrease is a major contradiction of global warming but these poor kids are obviously being fed information which is simply wrong.

The notion that extreme weather will increase because of global warming is completely wrong with even alarmist scientists like Professor Mueller saying that global warming will DECREASE extreme weather events. Even prestigious scientific journals which promote global warming like Nature say global warming will not produce extreme weather and the IPCC has conceded that many types of extreme weather have no connection with global warming.

Lake Macquarie has NOT experienced any sea level rise. All one has to do is check the sea level rise history for Lake Macquarie and Newcastle:

The fact that Lake Macquarie council has brought in new, very expensive codes for houses in its area is an example of how false information can be used by authorities to implement ideologically driven policy at great and unnecessary cost to their constituents.

Finally, the caps are not melting; the Arctic sea ice is starting to grow again after losing sea ice through the naturally warm period from 1979. The Antarctic is at record levels both for sea ice and land ice:

The NCA is just another part of the dubious information which is propping up the global warming scare. It is a great shame that as well as the vast amount of money being wasted on this failed theory that school children are being given a false view and education and no doubt frightened in the process.


  1. I am unsure of the veracity of this article. Figure 1 or the first graph does display adjusted data sets. However, this data is generated for areas in between the monitoring stations. Regardless of the adjustment being up or down, it is only for areas that have no data. The important trends come from the actual data gathered and not the HCN homogenization algorithm data. The source of the other graphs have not been provided.

  2. Anon; adjustments by USHCN does not just involve infilling or interpolation for missing data which is another issue all together; the ACTUAL data is adjusted; read the link. The sources of the other graphs are provided except for the WFT SST graph which you can replicate yourself at their site and the last one which is from the Watts ice page.

  3. This article (linked below*) is of course very interesting. However, in an atmosphere Kirchhoff's Law would not apply anyway, because molecules also gain and lose energy by processes other than radiation.

    The oceans are not covered by black asphalt. Instead their surface layer is almost completely transparent to radiation. Hence the ocean surface is not heated by solar radiation alone. Nor is anything on the surface of Earth, let alone Venus where its surface receives less than 10% of the Solar radiation that Earth's surface receives.

    The solar radiation reaching Earth's surface (<165W/m^2) would not even raise black asphalt to 235K (let alone 255K or 288K)

    Radiation is not the primary determinant of planetary surface temperatures. It is gravity which traps energy, not back radiation, and it's all in my book "Why it's not carbon dioxide after all" from Amazon and iTunes..



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