Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lord Monckton Foundation Global Warming Prediction Index - April 2014

By popular request, the monthly Lord Monckton Foundation Global Warming Prediction Index, the only regular comparison between climate prediction and measured reality, now presents two graphs.

One graph, compares the 1990 prediction by the United Nation’s climate panel of 0.67 Cº global warming since that year with the observed temperature trend of just half that. The other graph, compares the United Nation’s backdated 2013 prediction of 0.15 Cº warming since 2005 with the observed temperature trend of –0.01 Cº.

“The graph comparing the IPCC's original predictions from 1990 with observed reality is particularly telling. This remarkable 212-month period, enduring from August 1996 to March 2014, represents half of the entire 423-month satellite record since it began in January 1979.” Lord Monckton

“…The Lord Monckton Foundation shall conduct research, publish papers, educate students and the public and take every measure that may be necessary to restore the primacy and use of reason in science and public policy worldwide, especially insofar as they may bear upon the rights of the people fairly and fully to be informed, openly and freely to debate, and secretly by ballot to decide who shall govern them, what laws they shall live by and what imposts they shall endure.”

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  1. The galactic-cosmic-ray/low-altitude-cloud connection was discovered by Svensmark, corroborated by Marsden & Lingenfelter and again by the CLOUD experiment at CERN.

    The sensitivity of average global temperature (AGT) to low altitude clouds is calculated at .

    Application of the energy equation leads to the time-integral of sunspot numbers as a proxy for the above.

    When combined with the surface temperature oscillation caused by the average of ocean oscillations, this calculates AGT since before 1900 with R^2>0.9 as demonstrated at . CO2 has no significant effect. AGT trend is down.

    1. Thanks for the links Dan. Have you seen David Stockwell's solar paper:


    2. Thanks for the link. I bookmarked it.


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