Friday, 14 March 2014

Global Warming Nazis push Global Warming Hysteria

Richard Lindzen, Climate Expert, deconstructs Global warming Hysteria:
You have to deconstructed it because it is an element of propaganda, much of what has heard is really misinformation and sophistry; 
Wide spread ignorance; 
It is the absence is of any intellectual critical faculties; 
Statements are made which do not make sense; 
None of this would matter much except sorts of proposals that are expensive and dangerous are being promoted to deal with this alleged problem; 
It behooves us to analyze what's going on carefully.... and to learn a little bit about climate to see why some of these things don't fit.
No need to record any more - The video continues on about the fraud of (anthropogenic) Climate change.....

OK. Man's C02 emissions do cause SOME warming......but, scientific historic data show that atmospheric C02 rise FOLLOWS the rise in warming. (Er.....hypothesis

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