Monday, 17 March 2014

It was ever thus: CO2 is good for you.

CO2 is GOOD for You:

This is NOT a hidden least not around here.

We have previously posted:

and still the evidence rolls out. Michael Bastasch, writing for the Daily Caller writes:
Will emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere cause tornadoes in Los Angeles and massive floods in the Himalayas? A growing body of research suggests it may just spur plant growth and green planet Earth.
He writes that "during the last few years"  scientific studies have found links between increasing carbon emissions and increased foliage and plant growth — called the CO2 fertilization.
The  Idso's site CO2 Science has been reporting this for years.
A recent paper -A Fresh Look at Climate Change - concludes:
Two points:
  • Models that have not been born out by experiment;
  • models alone are not science.
Michael Bastasch continues:
This greening trend goes against what many climate scientists expected, in particularly the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In fact, many climate scientists have been warning about atmospheric carbon levels passing 400 parts per million — which happened last year. 

“Nevertheless, in nearly all regions and globally, the overall effect in recent decades is decidedly toward greening,” Cato notes. “This result is also the opposite of what the IPCC expected.”
He continues with another study:
Another study by U.S. scientists published in the journal Nature last year found a “substantial increase in water-use efficiency in temperate and boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere over the past two decades.” the increase in water efficiency, the study said, is consistent with a CO2 fertilization effect.

CO2 is indeed GOOD for You!

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  1. Anything can be bad in the wrong amount. Small amounts of Selenium are needed for good health (in the mico-grams) but a gram of Selenium will kill you. If 10% of the air were CO2 it would kill you - it is poisonous, more so than just displacing Oxygen (but not near as poisonous as CO). but anything less than several thousand parts per million of CO2 is just fine for us and plants.


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