Monday, 3 March 2014


Press Release 


Monday 3rd March  2014  Melbourne Australia

Party Name Change

Hello Readers,

                         This will be our one and only newsletter email before the WA election.

 The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party name has now been changed to the Freedom and Prosperity Party.

While the party platform is very much the same, we are keen to reflect the view that many pressures to reduce our Freedoms and Prosperity go wider than Just the Carbon Tax, ETS, and  Abbotts "direct action" plans. Things like  the Renewable Energy Targets, new and increased taxes on businesses, excessive environmental laws (e.g. the removal of water, vegetation and management rights) , various UN treaties (Agenda 21) , and some politically correct ideas (e.g. recent reductions on free speech),  to name just a few issues we will look to speak out on.


The Freedom and Prosperity Party intends to contest the WA election on April 5th and run two candidates (if we get sufficient funds by 8th March.)

Our president, Bill Koutalianos, will be our lead candidate.

Bill was on the ABC's Q and A last year asking David Suzuki the first question about the Global temperature (about which Suzuki showed complete ignorance!)

See link here for the full show  with Bill's question in the first few minutes 

Bill also caught Dr Karl Kruszelnicki out with incorrect numbers about Global warming on the twittersphere also see

We believe in a calm considered challenge to Greens, politicians and others who says they have the facts when we think (know) they dont.

The WA election will also trial our name change to  see if voters prefer it or not.
Video on FLAG Australia and Property rights.

Matt Gulliver has written this great song on the efforts of Peter Manuel and FLAG Australia Inc.
It involves the Property rights issue in SA but applies across Australia in the way Government erode landholders rights and freedoms (and therefore prosperity)

Appeal for Funds to help the Freedom and Prosperity Party in the WA  election. 
To run the minmum two candidates (to be able to get preferences) in the WA election will cost $4,000. 
As expected, our Party exhausted our funds (except a few hundred dollars) at the September senate election.
We are now appealing for supporters to donate what ever amount of funds they can to help us out. Even just $10 will help.
This will be the last senate election for three years and with legislation making it tougher for minor parties to run, we don`t know what the future will hold  to get independent candidates with our views elected again.  We hope you will consider an amount of some amount (if you support our thrust.)

The bank account to donate to is:
BSB 035612
acc no 239469

We truly appreciate everyone who has helped in the past and to those of you who donate to  this appeal.

Thanks very much,

Leon Ashby
Freedom and Prosperity Party Preference negotiator


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