Sunday, 23 March 2014

AGW Con needs a Minder to cover for AGW New Tricks

George Cole and Dennis Waterman
aka Arthur Daley and "The Minder"
aka Sir Edward Chambers and Gerry Standing
BBC TV produces "New Tricks," a TV show about retired detectives solving old cases:
UCOS: Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad.

An episode of this show that has shown the "CON" inflicted on the world by the previous Australian Labor Government.

The TV show New Tricks stars inter alia Dennis Waterman.

Dennis' career has extended from his portrayal as Just William, (an eleven-year-old boy, eternally scruffy and his friends who called themselves the Outlaws) through to his role with George Cole (as the MINDER to a con-man) and continuing to his role as a retired police detective in New Tricks.

Another body instituting "New Tricks" were the Australian Labor Government who, in 2011, used "new tricks" to resurrect a disused British Power Station in Battersby England...(which ceased generating electricity in 1983) and tried to pass it off as a pollution spewing Australian Power station.  (See video - Say Yes to an Election.)

They further photoshopped black plumes of pollution (not invisible CO2) spewing from this disused power station to pretend that it was NON-POLLUTING carbon dioxide.

In New Tricks - Series: 4 Episode: 5 -First Shown7 May 2007 Con Man Arthur Daley  sorry Sir Edward Chambers (George Cole) tries to com his old Minder sorry Detective Gerry Standing.

But forget about all that drama, and remember that the "pollution" that the AGW Climate Nazis are trying to push is actually vital-to-life invisible carbon dioxide.

If Battersby Power Station was "exhaling"invisible CO2, it would look like the above picture

Here's how, in 2011, (almost 40 years after its closure) the deceptive  Australian AGW campaign showed the decommissioned Battersby Power Station....

Shown with a poor deceived fellow Michael Caton (with whom I  worked on a Disney Production):

and here's how, also completely deluded Multi Award Winner Cate Blanchett  appears:

and the tax is trying to control an invisible TRACE element in the atmosphere, something that is less than 400 parts per millions, something that is INVISIBLE, so WHY do they try to portray it as something dark and dirty?

Still not polluting - and still not emitting vital to life Carbon Dioxide 24 years later  in the 2007 New Tricks Episode:

When do we start the treason trials?

Here's the original video, slightly altered:

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