Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Man Made Global Warming Hypothesis Falsified - multiple times.

In April 2011, this blog posted
AGW - A falsified hypothesis
which began:
The hypothesis is that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming. - known as man-made or anthropogenic global warming (AGW.) 
Albert Einstein once said, “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” 
Einstein’s words express a foundational principle of science intoned by the logician, Karl Popper: Falsifiability. In order to verify a hypothesis there must be a test by which it can
be proved false. A thousand observations may appear to verify a hypothesis, but one critical failure could result in its demise. The history of science is littered with such examples. 
and followed with four falsifications by Prof Bob Carter and Dr David Evans.

We also published a recent NZClimate Truth Newsletter by IPCC expert reviewer Dr Vincent Gray:
which concluded: "The Climate Change Theory has been falsified and is therefore invalid." 

Googling AGW Falsified brings up many other falsifications, including:

So, as Einstein said: No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” 

The question is: How many times does the hoax have to be exposed before it goes away?


  1. Dr. Piers Corbyn is a British Astrophysicist specializing in world weather research and in long range (8-12 month) forecasting. Best yet, his forecasts are accurate!

    He's a very unassuming person, doing ground breaking research, and he says that the World is in a cooling period now similar to the Maunder Medium. I think you might enjoy his work.

    Here is a url for one of his presentations. He's a Scientist, not a Politician.

    His website is:


    Piers Corbyn - I should have mentioned - totally debunks Man-caused global warming. His own successful method of making long term predictions is: SLAT or Solar Lunar Action Technique.

    He states clearly that there is nothing man can do to to change Earth's weather. It's totally driven by the Sun (sunspots), Moon, and by their effects on the Jet Stream.

    CO2 caused warming is a total LIE. Studies show that warming appears FIRST and then CO2 follows.

    Very much worth studying this guy. He does forecast that we're in a global cooling cycle for 20 years.

    But global cooling still applies to the Earth "as a whole". There will be cold spots and warm spots. But his 8 to 12 month forecasts are ACCURATE.

    Science, as practiced by Govts and by certain institutions ( Univ. of East Anglia) have been totally corrupted. Man-caused global warming is a Tax Scam.

    1. I have been researching this field for quite some time now, going back and forth from one side to the other, I am trying to stay unbiased.

      What bothers me about Piers Corbyn is that he talks the talk but doesn't really provied any scientific evidence to his claims. And I am yet to find a scientific paper published by him (don't be misguided by his claims that they don't want to publish his papers in Nature, there are plenty other ways of publishing them elswhere; for example His presentations and archive are more similar to web based "magic pill" sellers than anything resembling scietific research. His webpage triggers the same warning lights, nothing scientific there, except for the the Estimated planetary K index which is linked from NOAA (I thought he said that they distort data???). The second thing is there is NO evidence of his forecasting abilites before the events happen. If anyone is willing to pay money for his so called "unmatched" forecast abilities, please publish his longterm forecast beforehand so it can be put to the test. And another thing, at the start of the video he reads his credentials from the paper!!! I mean come on, if that doesn't set of alarm bells in your head you are blinded by his act.

      To anyone truly interested in the truth about climate and climate change I suggest to start at the start, meaning to read scientific research done by the "fathers" of climate research, such as: Jean Baptiste Fourier, Arrhenius Svante, Knutt Angstrom, Tyndall, Callender and many others. Why?
      Because they used the true scientific aproach in their research. They noticed a change through observation/measurements, came up with a theory/hypothesis and then tested their theory/hypothesis with best scientific research and proven facts available, then published their findings for scientific scrutiny. As opposed to todays prevalent approach; noticing change through observation/measurements and then doing everything imaginable to prove their theory/hypothesis (probably mostly because the way scientific research in this field is funnded nowadays; I imagine that proving a piece of the AGW theory wrong doesn't go well with the ones funding the research). Not to say that all scientific research is corrupt, but it is a lot like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

      Use the principle NASA uses; KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

      Stay open but critical.

  2. Discover the cause of the warming, the end of it, and why temperatures are headed down.

    Two primary drivers of average global temperatures explain the reported up and down measurements since before 1900 with 90% accuracy and provide credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610).

    CO2 change is NOT one of the drivers.

    The drivers are given at

  3. Doesn't mean we should stop "saving the planet."

    1. The more people try to save the world the more damage they cause. Haven't you forgotten about those invasive species we introduce to combat other invasive species? yep ACTIVISTS never learns.
      This planet has survived from worst catastrophes, worst than a bunch of bipedal apes can ever do. This several trillion trillion tons of rock will outlive us for billions of years. If you really want to feel like a saint there are better -more realistic things you can do-

    2. The planet doesn't need saving from anything, it has another 4.5 billion years of time left to carry on orbiting the sun.

  4. Saving the planet........from what?

  5. "saving the planet" - has got to be the term I (hate) dislike the most in the world.
    we could talk about the way it curdles the contents of my stomach and creates an aura of intense disgust surrounding the person who originates the comment, whether in real life or a fictitious character on a comment the reaction is the same.
    Grind these mentally retarded morons into the dirt along with the politician hoars and their inbred masters.

  6. You are all morons

    1. This from some-one is

      a) too cowardly to use a real name; and
      b) Offers no rebuttal to the multiple falsifications.

      Einstein said:
      "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."

      If you can find fault in ALL the above falsifications, perhaps your "moron" hypothesis can be proven.

      If not, look in a mirror to see the true moron.

    2. On ya Geoff!
      We must never give up, no matter how hopeless it might appear.
      I can't believe how innately STUPID our fellow human beings are to even consider any of this 'Emperor's New Clothes' class of LIES they're being fed by the over-paid corrupt pseudo-science community, who are feeding them with this ideological Kool-Aid they're all now hopelessly addicted to.
      They are now so hopelessly brainwashed, that if Al Gore told them a square is really a circle and circles have never existed, they would believe him without question...
      As far as I'm concerned, these 'scientists' and their IPCC cohorts should all be put on trial in the Hague (also part of the AGW scam, so no hope there either I guess), for crimes against humanity...
      They execute people for Treason, but this level of global LYING and mass indoctrination is hiding a far, FAR worse agenda than even the Nazi Holocaust! The success of which was also pivotal to similarly, ingenious (and destructive) propaganda.

      What makes this argument so incredible too, is the fact that science is even used in it at all.. It's all junk-science they're arguing, (which we try in vain, to counter with honest and real science).

      I am in my late 50's and first started hearing this global warming and climate change hokum when I was still in my teens - over the past 40 or so years, I guess.
      They made, as we all know, many outrageous predictions on global temperatures, sea level rises that would completely immerse most of the world's major cities, polar ice melting into the sea, causing it to rise a further 20 feet etc. etc... Yet, I have not observed any difference in the sea level ANYWHERE in the world (I travel a lot), there has been no difference in the frequency or severity of the catastrophic meteorological events they said would soon destroy the planet..
      Over the last 40 years I have seen absolutely NOTHING that they predicted occur, nor can I see anything ever happening in the future, that could be attributed to anything related to (changing) climate, apart from the normal (but ALWAYS present), diurnal and seasonal changes and El-Nino / La-Nina influences. It's just 'business as usual' - life as we know it, just goes on. Nothing other than normal and ever-present, natural disasters that come with the 'life on Earth package deal', to be worried about...

      Therefore: using my eyes and ears and some scant traces of simple common sense, found somewhere in my unscientific mind, I can first of all, accept I was born here on planet Earth - nothing I can do about that, but try my best to make the most of my short stay here. (But becoming increasingly difficult, owing to more recent global political climate change). I can also assert with over 40 years of real-time observation, with 100% certainty that nothing is happening, nor will ANYTHING related to the climate (change - AGW), ever happen.

      However, I can plainly see that if their ENORMOUS HOAX is allowed to progress any further, our society (but not the physical planet), will most certainly be annihilated by the Socialist / Communist global government (they hope) will be governing all of us VERY soon.
      Their indoctrinated Social Justice Warriors (the likes of whom commented above), will probably be the first ones to scream very loudly, when they finally wake-up to how they've merely been used by their Stalinist IPCC masters as political pawns to push their wicked depopulation agenda, under the guise of 'saving the planet'...

      Oh yeah, late breaking news: God help ALL of us if Hillary becomes US President. I'm testing a tree in my back yard to make sure it will hold my weight. ;)
      (Not really, but you know what I mean I'm sure).

    3. Well said, Alan.
      I'm 75, (English) and mirror almost everything you say, but the USA deserves whoever it gets as President. Ö¿Ö

    4. Thank you Earthling.
      We really are living in frighteningly troubled times. All we can do is hope. Hope that good will once again prevail, as it has throughout history and CONQUER their institutionalised evil.
      Sometimes I envy those totally indoctrinated AGW Kool-Aid addicted SJWs, being so utterly clueless that they are incapable of seeing the HUGE elephant in the room; that you and I have always been able to see, ever since the whole loony and illogical mantra of humans affecting the climate started. Way back before most of the unfortunate (young), indoctrinated victims of this dreadful campaign were even born.

  7. When I was a lad, times were quite a lot more frighteningly troubled as we waited for the expected Nazi invasion.
    Later on it was the Cold War, when we had to decide whether or not to bring children into the world as we waited for the expected 4 minute warning.
    All in all, Glowbull warming's a doddle and quite amusing when compared to the other possibilities.

    1. Earthling,
      I was (obviously) very young in the days of the 'cold war' and the Nazi threats were long before I was even born, however, I clearly remember a day when I was about 7 or 8 years old, running inside screaming and hiding under my bed when four (obviously harmless and belonged to OUR air force), C-130 transports, flew at about 200 feet over the little town where we lived. (They were on a training exercise but at 7 y/o I'd never even seen a large aeroplane, let alone a military aeroplane, nor any flying so close to the ground)!
      Just the deafening noise of 4 HUGE turbo-prop aeroplanes alone, was enough to terrify me and I was convinced these 'war-planes' had come to drop the bombs I'd heard about from everywhere - radio news and adult's conversations etc.
      The 4 minute warning signs you mention, were hung in nearly all public areas and indeed everyone was VERY afraid.
      You're right: by comparison to those times, this is somewhat amusing, however I do know that the leading advocates of the AGW hoax (i.e. Sadam B. O'Bummer) have strong totalitarian views and connections to Stalinist political groups. They definitely have a wicked agenda and try to hide it under this pathetic anthropogenic global warming mask.

      It's their hidden agenda that bothers me, not the fairy tale they'e trying to justify their astronomical FRAUD with (i.e. commitments to MEGA SCAMS like an ETS or 'carbon' taxes discussed at the COP21 Paris [non]-agreement that these commie Jeremiahs want all countries to sign).

      Oh yes and finally, I should tell you that am admittedly somewhat biased over this 'issue' - I lost my livelihood as a direct result of the ETS (Environmental Trading SCAM) which closed the coal fired power station I'd been employed at for many years and had planned on retiring from (in around 10 years from now), but thanks to this giant HOAX: the owners of the power station could not make any profit after paying the ridiculous tax, thus had no choice but to promptly and permanently close down (and sack ALL of their loyal and dedicated staff).
      It was a very sad day for us all. That was almost immediately following Julia Gillard's election LIE that she would NOT introduce a carbon tax.
      I HATE that vile SOW, however I have always regarded the hype over AGW as a nothing more than a silly hoax (that most people would never take seriously), ever since I first began hearing their loony mantra, around 40 years ago.
      Thus, I never thought it would ever even come close to reaching the level of absolute INSANITY that it has now!

  8. Sorry to hear about your loss of employment and I agree, Gillard is a lying cowbag, it was good to see her ousted.
    I never saw a 4 minute warning sign in England, maybe I didn't visit the right places.
    What happens in the US is of no concern to me, I'm in no position to do much about it.
    Coal was and still is a necessary evil that will continue to pollute he atmosphere for a while to come.
    I say that as someone who can remember what fog and smog was in the days when London was called the Big Smoke and everything at ground level was dark and dirty.
    Natural gas replaced coal gas in the 70s, I retired myself in the late 80s and relocated to Spain in January 1990.
    I'm happy, warm and comfortable, waiting for the big sleep to pleasure me for the rest of eternity, as it already has for every last one of my best friends.
    Don't worry, be happy and always look on the bright side of life.

  9. I think those 4 minute 'warnings' might have been satirical in nature (i.e if it ever happens you've got no hope so don't worry haha), but nonetheless, were quite disturbing to some, even in humour. There was a lot of discussion on radio and TV and among neighbours etc. (I was too young to read anything below the headlines of newspapers), that wasn't so lighthearted though. It was definitely a real threat and the associated rhetoric frightened many to the core, especially little kids like me.
    Their M.O. might be somewhat different today, but their dastardly plan to own and control the world, with a greatly reduced thus easy to manage population, remains exactly the same.
    So Orwellian...


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