Friday, 28 February 2014

Climate Science is Zombie Science (or The Corruption of Real Science.)

Hurry, Hurry,  Hurry all you Global Warming Nazis!

Time is running out.

Only 17 years and 9 months left to claim $10K!

On 8/11/10 Australian Peter Laux launched a 20 year challenge on Denis Rancourt's Climate Guy Website: (link and link)

$10K Climate Challenge
Peter Laux, Locomotive Engineman from Australia, “will pay $10,000 (AUS) for a conclusive argument based on empirical facts that increasing atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning drives global climate warming.”
So far, there has been hardly a nibble. Exactly what Peter expected when he issued the challenge via Denis' Website. 

So where does the Zombie Science come in
? - I hear you ask. Well, Denis, on the Signs of the Times ( site has written a post with the same name reviewing a book by Dr. Bruce G. Charlton  entitled "Not even trying... The Corruption of real science"
In this book, Dr. Charlton defines what he calls "Zombie science".  
I submit that Dr. Charlton's definition of a "Zombie science" eminently applies to today's climate science. I predict that today's climate science enterprise will, in some future, be universally adopted as a textbook example of Zombie science by historians of science, who will emerge in a next generation of honest academics.  
Here is the definition of Zombie science given in the on-line version of Dr. Charlton's book:
When a branch of science based on incoherent, false or phoney theories is serving a useful but non-scientific purpose it may be kept-going by continuous transfusions of cash from those whose non-scientific interests it serves.  
For example, if a branch of pseudo-science based on a phoney theory is nonetheless valuable for political purposes (e.g. to justify a government intervention such as a new tax) or for marketing purposes (to provide the rationale for a marketing campaign) then real science expires and a 'zombie science' evolves.  
Zombie science is science that is dead but will not lie down. It keeps twitching and lumbering around so that (from a distance, and with your eyes half-closed) zombie science looks much like real science.
But in fact the zombie has no life of its own; it is animated and moved only by the incessant pumping of funds.  
Read More at SOTT.

The Global Warming Nazis keep moving the goalposts. When the current pause in warming occurred, at first they tried to ignore it and then, when the pause became too long to ignore,  they have run through a series of "excuses." Take your pick.

Marc Morano from Climate Depot explains:

Welcome to the world of ‘settled science’. With the latest study now placing blame on Sun for the ‘pause’ in global temperatures, that means there have been at least five seven eight nine separate explanations to attempt to explain the standstill in global warming. There is seemingly no end to warmists’ attempts to explain the global warming standstill. 
Climate Depot Analysis: ‘There have been at least nine separate explanations for the standstill in global warming’ –
  1. Low Solar Activity; 
  2. Oceans Ate Warming; 
  3. Chinese Coal Use;
  4. Montreal Protocol; 
  5. Readjusted past temps to claim ‘pause’ never existed;
  6. Volcanoes;
  7. Decline in Water Vapor;
  8. Pacific trade winds;
  9. ‘Coincidence’
As these examples of Zombie Science are twitching and lumbering around, in the back room of the laboratories of the Global Warming Nazis are probably trying to bring Zombie No 10 to life.

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