Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pigs Pulling Santa more real than Alarmists' AGW hoax.

A query addressed to the OnLineOpinion Facebook group:
Hi! I asked this question on my wall, and a friend directed me to OnlineOpinion:
Prhaps you can give me an answer....."To climate sceptics out there: for my own interest, I want to know: what would have to happen to persuade you that you were mistaken and the climate is in fact changing in unnatural ways? Would another record hot decade be enough? The disappearence of the north polar ice sheet? Unprecedented drought/hurricane/flooding somewhere? Global temperature increases to accelerate again? Unprecedented drought/hurricane/flooding somewhere? What exactly would need to happen.
First, although we call ourselves climate sceptics, to say "climate sceptic" is confusing and is virtually an oxymoron. How could anyone be sceptical about climate?

To say "climate change sceptic" is just as ridiculous because how could anyone doubt that climate changes. Climate has always changed since the beginning of time.
And so, although Climate changes naturally, my scepticism relates to the man-made climate change hoax.
Another record hot decade

Prof Bob Carter, in his book Taxing Air addresses the many "hottest decade type" statements by the alarmists:
Variations on this statement are rampant in the media and give weight to the assertion that dangerous global warming is being caused by human greenhouse emissions.Yet persons who repeat this claim thereby highlight only their innocence of knowledge of the science of climate change. 
The key word, the misappropriation of which confers an element of truth on the statement, is ‘ever’. To dangerous AGW proponents, this word means ‘since accurate instrumental temperature records began’, i.e. over about the last 150 years (e.g. Fig. 1). 
But as we have already discussed several times, 150 years is a trivially short and inadequate period over which to make judgements about climate change. 
There has been no significant warming for more than 17 years and the RSS satellite data show a cooling trend since 2002 of ~ -0.08ºC/decade.

The disappearence of the north polar ice sheet?

The alarmists predicted ice free summers by 2013 but instead the arctic ice sheet grew 920,000 square miles in the twelve months from August 2012 to 
August 2013.


Unprecedented drought/hurricane/flooding somewhere?

The IPCC has admitted that extreme weather events are not caused by anthropogenic global warming.

What exactly would need to happen?

It is well established by science that temperature rises BEFORE the rise in atmospheric CO2.
(see image below) There is NO peer-reviewed science to prove the falsified hypothesis that man’s carbon dioxide emissions are causing runaway global warming.

Now, if some-one could make a miraculous turnaround; explain away the many falsifications of the CAGW hypothesis and show that carbon dioxide does indeed cause the warming……..mind you, before that happens, I think that we will learn that there are indeed fairies at the bottom of the garden, Santa does indeed live at the North Pole and pigs have developed flight powers and have replaced Santa's reindeer. (see image above.)

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  1. Half of the U.S. State Highest temperatures ever recorded for the State occurring this decade would be convincing, for starters. Of course this sounds unreasonable doesn't it. What would be the likely hood of half of the States recording their highest temperatures in 1 decade be? Very unlikely. But it has already happened back in the 1930s! So if you were peddling your bull shit back in the 1930s you might have gotten some people to believe you. But of course you would have been wrong back then too!


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