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What ever happened to climate change in Australia?

What ever happened to climate change in Australia?

This is the heading for an article by David Leigh published by on-line opinion.

David tweets as @ecobard and his tweets reveal things about him. e.g.


Climate Champion is a site run by the Greens with the purpose of creating action against the Abbott government's roll back of Green policies. That could help explain his strange article published by On Line Opinion. It is a strange article and has even stranger responses to comments by David Leigh.
In his second paragraph he writes that prior to the election:
the airwaves were full of discussion about the biggest threat to humanity of all time.
 What could he mean by that? A google search finds the top two pre-election hits for "biggest threat to humanity of all time" are:

However,  on a countdown on another hit headed the 5 biggest threats to humanity we find (link):

Ta- Da!

Probably the most pressing threat to our planet, and the life in it, is climate change.

This is surely where David was heading. The greatly misused and confused term "climate change." 

Generally it is used by the alarmists to refer to anthropogenic global warming although its roots go back to the UNFCCC at the earth summit in 1992: (link)

"Climate change" means a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods.
So, when David uses the term climate change he is surely referring to anthropogenic climate change. Unfortunately the UNFCCC did not define "comparable time periods." We do know that there has been no warming for more than 17 years although atmospheric C02 keeps rising.

David writes that, by closing down the flawed climate commission, PM Abbott has stopped the talk of climate change, (meaning man-made global warming?)
First he attempted to silence the reporting body by removing its funding, as though stopping talk would make it all go away. Now, even the Labor opposition remains quite on the subject. Only the Greens appear to understand that it won't abate
Then he makes what, to this poor reader, is a confused statement.
Despite having just had the hottest year on record and every monthly Australian record being broken and with the US having an unprecedented cold snap with temperatures below –34c the subject has conveniently gone quiet.  
Neither  the Australian nor the US details are true. BOM shows 2013 as being the hottest Australian year; but every other major land and satellite temperature indice contradicts this:

As can be seen in the diagram below (link) the North American cold snap could hardly be called unprecedented. Why do the alarmists keep on using "unprecedented," "Hottest year ever" and other such superlatives.

BUT WAIT! ..... Wasn't the topic climate change in Australia

( Can you separate global warming into countries?)

And why would someone arguing the warmist side of the debate introduce (un)precendented UScold snap. 
Meanwhile, climate change appears to be happening faster than the wishes of the hopeless, the sad wheel treading sycophants, who see only the profits of the mighty as a motive for making political policy.
What a sad statement.  The planet hasn't warmed for more than 17 years. How fast would the mythical hopeless sycophants want it to warm?

Next David refers to the

Renewable Energy Finance Corporation.
He is confusing two associated bodies; the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.
The world has recorded its fourth hottest year on record 
Not according to NASA and NOAA.  (link)
The temperature anomaly (above 14.0 deg C) for 2013 is 0.486 making 2013 the 8th warmest year. Statistically with errors of +/- 0.1 deg C ranking the warmest years is meaningless, but it seems to be something many scientists and the media do. 
When some of the commenters referred David to some of the facts on current weather he retorted
Well, I guess it had to happen, the deniers are out there in full swing and with such intelligent comments, very constructive, Your master will be pleased with your performance.
Your master will be pleased with your performance? 

What sort of a world is David living in? What strange, warped mind would think that independent people were being controlled by some mythical master.

Please explain, David, or apologise!


  1. ecobard has left a new comment on your post "What ever happened to climate change in Australia?...":

    Geoff Brown, the research done to put together this little spat is soooo flawed it shows just how competent you are at whatever it is you do. Firstly, the David Leigh to whom you refer at the top of your article is nothing to do with me. I was never the editor of the Guardian, I did not retire in 2013 and I have nothing to do with Julian Assange, more's the pity because I admire the man.I also have nothing to do with wikileaks.

    You really should be careful with your publishing because you are opening yourself up for defamation. The other David Leigh may also resent the connection so please retract this article immediately. This is typical of climate sceptics, attack a man because he writes what you don't want to hear. Try presenting some GENUINE facts and base your argument on that. I expect top see this article removed by tomorrow. DAVID LEIGH

    1. "David Leigh to whom you refer at the top of your article is nothing to do with me. "

      My bad, David, and I apologise the both of you ecotards.

      "This is typical of climate sceptics, attack a man because he writes what you don't want to hear."

      Sorry, that seems to be from the alarmist' bible, from the alarmists' religeous doctrine . eg

      Don't mention Global warming has stopped.

      Don't mention that Antarctica ice is at record highs IN SUMMER.

      Don't mention that Arcric Ice has increase.

      Don't mention that Polar Bear number are greatly increasing.

      Don't mention that.....need we go on, David.

      The game is up.

      The Hoax has been exposed.

      The AGW Hypothesis has been falsified.

      Go Home. You're religion has been busted!


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