Friday, 17 January 2014

Climate Council's Deceitful Duplicitous Fraudulent Fibbing

Or Where's the Data?

 In Fact......

     Where's the Report?

The Conniving Conmen from the Climate Council have issued another Fraudulent Forecast. We know this because it is reported here and here and here and here, here, here, etc

As an example, "our" ABC:
Heatwaves in Australia are becoming more frequent, hotter and are lasting longer because of climate change, a report released today by the Climate Council says. 
The interim findings of the report, titled Australian Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, Earlier and More Often, come as southern Australia swelters through a heatwave....
Amazingly, none of the "news" reports contains a link to the actual report. They refer to an interim report titled Australian Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, Earlier and More Often but there is no link to that supposed report.

The Climate Council website does NOT have the report. Does any report actually exist? Were all these news reports created from a Press Release? Did any of the Main Stream Media ask for a copy or a link to the report? Did any of the Main Stream Media ask for back-up to the statements?

Above is how the announcement appeared on the manoeuvring mob's facebook page. Multi-magnification of the fine fine print in the bottom right hand corner shows:

(Sources listed in Climate Council Report Australian Heatwaves Becoming Hotter and Longer)

But Where's the Report?

We have sent an email request to the Climate Council (
Could you please supply a copy of your interim report Australian Heatwaves Becoming Hotter and Longer and also supply a link to your back-up sources as mentioned on your facebook page. 
=  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  

From the NineMSN report:
Based on records stretching back more than 100 years, Melbourne is facing its longest run of 40 degree days since 1908. 
Meanwhile, Adelaide is heading towards 46C on Thursday, close to its all time high of 46.1 set on January 12, 1939.
From a Thursday report headed Adelaide is the Hottest City on Earth today:
The maximum temperature so far in Adelaide is 44.2C at 3pm, although it has been several degrees warmer in the northern suburbs. (link)


No answer to my email request to the Climate Council to date. Still no publication of the report, indeed no mention of the report on the Climate Council site.

Was the press release just an alarmist scare and there is no report?

The Climate Council have virtually admitted that their is NO INTERIM REPORT. See above, they had told the MSM that the results were from their INTERIM REPORT. Reply from Climate CONcil:

Dear Geoff,

thanks for your interest. The full report will be available at the end of February. The press release was for the interim findings only. We will notify our supporters once the report is available and publish it on our website.

Thank you once again,

Katherine - for Tim and the Climate Council


  1. google heat island effect and remember.. All OZ capital cities have pursued Urban Consolidation over suburban expansion in the last 20 years. Basically it's not just Global Warming but Urban Consolidation a green policy that contributes to a run of record high temperatures

  2. Cities generate heat with all the concrete & steel. It's no surprise. It's interesting to note we have had high temperatures in the past & the world didn't come to an end. What a lot of manipulative crooks these climate scammers are!


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