Saturday, 7 September 2013

The beginning of the Anti-Carbon (Dioxide) Tax Movement

Today we see a decisive LNP win. This will see the end of the tax on vital-to-life Carbon Dioxide. But wait! There's more!

We still have to fight the LNP on carbon mitigation and their plan to prop up the renewable energy targets. We also have to find out what Greg Hunt meant by "market mechanism." Does he mean an ETS by any other means?
The Coalition has the same five per cent emissions reduction target as Labor. The difference is that we will achieve the emissions reduction needed to meet that five per cent target right here in Australia, not overseas. And we will do it by investing in projects that directly reduce emissions, not by imposing an economy-wide ever-increasing electricity tax.
The Coalition's Direct Action plan will use the classic market mechanism of a reverse auction, a conventional method of finding the lowest cost way to achieve an aim. We will establish an Emissions Reduction Fund to purchase emissions abatement at the lowest price. The Emissions Reduction Fund will have an initial allocation of $300 million, $500 million and $750 million over the forward estimates period. 
Allocations will be made through a reverse auction starting with the lowest-cost projects. Funding will only be forwarded when there has been a verifiable reduction in emissions.
We began the fight against Labor's carbon tax with the first protest to Canberra on the 13 August, 2009.

Will the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics have to be the first to protest against Greg Hunt's "market mechanism."

It's 50 times more expensive to try and stop climate change than it is to adapt to climate change.


 See 50:1 Site

Topher Filed tells us:

It is 50 times more expensive to try and stop climate change than it is to adapt to climate change.

Reducing warming will cost $3.2 Quadrillion dollars ($3,200,000,000,000,000) per degree celsius of warming.

Jo Nova: So many millions of dollars wasted!

Dr. David Evans: We could have improved our lives. We could have improved the lives of others in countless ways with that same money and effort.

Marc Morano: Would you buy an insurance policy for your home that would cost more than the house was worth and that would pay out nothing if the house burnt down? That’s the snake oil they’re selling us!

Dr. Fred Singer: A tremendous waste of, not only money, but resources.

Election Day!

Best Wishes to all our candidates and (hopefully) Congratulations to (Senator Elect?) Leon Ashby.

Remember a strong vote for us will be a notice to the elements of the incoming government who still believe in the falsified AHW hypothesis.
Senator? Leon Ashby