Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Exposing the Global Warming Alarm Pushers

During the 2007 Election campaign, Kevin Rudd
related that 2,500 scientist said Human CO2 would cause
Global Warming. In 2008, he said it was 4,000 scientists.
UN figures show only 5 endorse the chapter claiming
human caused warming.
Published on Sep 3, 2013 by Galileo Movement.

In this special episode of Global Warming Revisited the Galileo Movement takes a closer look at the Politicians and Scientists playing a role in the 2013 Australian Federal Election.

One-page draft Affordable Energy Policy and Climate Science Policy is available here together with Facts Sheets:

To learn more about the behaviours discussed in the video refer to Malcolm Roberts' CSIROh! report available here:

Specifically politicians here: http://www.conscious.com.au/docs/new/...

Specifically academics here: http://www.conscious.com.au/docs/new/...

CSIRO here: http://www.conscious.com.au/docs/new/...
and here: http://www.conscious.com.au/docs/new/...
and here: http://www.conscious.com.au/docs/new/...

Climate Policy Folly & Last Minute Election Advice

"Carbon Sense"
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Help us stop this silly war on carbon. If every recipient sends this email to five more, we will play our part in changing public opinion and tipping the climate alarmists out of our Parliament. Send to friends, relatives, contacts and media.

Climate Policy Folly
Last Minute Election Advice

by Viv Forbes & Helpers
3 September 2013

To view this newsletter in your browser,  a pdf print-ready copy with all illustrations in place can be downloaded from:    http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/climate-policy-folly.pdf

Election Day – “Put every Labor/Green candidate last”.

Our advice on how-to-vote for climate sceptics and against climate alarmists provoked a lot of feedback and comment, mostly positive.

This was the most dramatic response: 
Best Election Advice, Edgecliffe NSW

Lots of small parties wrote to tell us how much they opposed the war on carbon and the futile attempts to use taxes to change our climate. We were told that Rise Up Australia Party and Palmer United Party are opposed to all the carbon tax/trading stuff. Good – support their candidates if you like their other policies. Also Cory Bernardi is worth supporting. Our concern with many small parties is that they may have preference deals with the ALP/greens (Palmer votes could end up with Greens, Katter votes could end up with ALP, and even our favoured Climate Sceptics have preferenced Labor above LNP in half of the states (See Why - here -Ed), because of the silly utterings of Greg Hunt and his Direct Action Dreams). (See Greg Hunt - Embarassing carbon splurge - Ed) 

There are two ways to handle this Senate election. The lazy way is just vote LNP 1 above the line. That should ensure the defeat of the ALP/Green coalition. But to really vote against the climate alarmists, be selective and vote below the line, numbering all squares. Start with all the sceptic parties you know and vote for their candidates in order. Then vote LNP (this is most important to ensure your vote does not cascade down and accidentally elect an ALP/Green candidate). Then fill out all the other squares in any order PUTTING THE GREENS LAST. We have no other changes to previous advice. If you cannot be bothered taking some time to work it out, vote 1 above the line for the LNP.

We recommend this useful tool for the thinking voter. Decide your priorities and it will show you how to vote:

Taxing Air

For relief from election propaganda, and a few climate facts, come to the book launch in Brisbane this week by Bob Carter “Taxing Air”:

Gambling at 50:1
Topher on Australia’s Climate Policy – a 50 to one bet. Well worth the watch:

Coal Saves Forests from the Furnaces

Greg Hunt is the Environment spokesman for the LNP. He could be days away from becoming the new Minister for the Environment. And already he shows signs of being a Grandstand Greenie as bad as Kyoto Kevin.

Mr Hunt thinks he should broker a grand deal between USA, China, India and EU to cut world production of carbon dioxide - more worthless international junketing. He and his green allies are also promoting a world summit to draft a “global rainforest recovery plan to preserve and expand the world’s standing forests”.

Why then are other members of the same global green alliance supporting policies that result in standing forests in America being pelletised, shipped across the Atlantic and burnt for power generation in order to earn green carbon credits for the giant Drax coal-fired power station in UK?

And why are they promoting carbon policies that push up the price of concrete and steel thus making it preferable to use wood for construction jobs? And are they concerned that soaring electricity costs are forcing poor Europeans into the forests poaching wood for winter fuel?

Coal has saved more forests from boilers and sawmills than have ever been saved by pre-election promises from pious politicians. Forests are only expanding in rich societies which have access to abundant coal, cement, steel and electricity.

Burying the Gas of Life

Of all the anti-carbon policies supposedly improving our climate, carbon capture and burial is probably the worst.

No life can exist on earth without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, nature has been capturing and burying this valuable plant food for millions of years.

Carbon dioxide is soluble in water, especially cold water. So it is continually being captured from the atmosphere by rain, rivers and the oceans as well as in growing vegetation. Much of this captured carbon gets buried at sea as extensive deposits of hydrocarbons such as coal, shales, oil, and natural gas, as thick beds of carbonates such as chalk, limestone and dolomite, and in sea shells, vertebrate skeletons and coral reefs.

This natural carbon capture and burial caused atmospheric carbon dioxide to reach a dangerous low of about 275 ppm by the end of the Little Ice Age about 200 years ago. At this level, plants suffer carbon starvation and growth slows. Like all cold eras, these times were grim.

Luckily the climate cycles changed, as they always do, and earth started warming – some ice melted, oceans warmed and carbon dioxide was expelled from the warming oceans to provide more food for plants. Green vegetation started to invade the deserts and crop yields improved.

Man’s industrial activities aided this natural green revolution over the last century by returning some naturally-buried carbon from coal and limestone to the biosphere. The pace of earth-greening has increased - even the giant redwoods are growing faster in this more-fertile atmosphere.

This serendipitous greening of our world is now threatened by misguided efforts to rob the atmosphere of man-made carbon dioxide using a bizarre process called carbon capture and burial – truly a suicidal mission for life on earth.

All life thrives when there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Do the carbon haters also hate life?

Restrictive Work Practices killing Green Energy?

The problem with the green energy twins, wind and solar, is that they act as if they were unionised.

The solar panels won’t work at night, or when it is rainy or cloudy, and they rarely work a full eight-hour day.

The wind turbines will down tools at every drop of the wind, and they also refuse to work in high winds.

And like every closed shop, they demand pay rates far beyond their market value.

No one has a solution to these restrictive green work practices.

After The Ball is Over

The greatest danger we face now, even if the ALP/Green coalition is sent packing, is that too many people will think the job is done. Not so, the real job is ahead. Let us not waste this opportunity – it may be the last many of us will see.

It is at the moment of the enemy’s defeat that the greatest gains can be made. The public is tired, the opposition is demoralised, the media are reassessing things, but that is the time for immediate and massive repeal of all the green-tape, commissions, departments, regulations, taxes, subsidies, targets and mandates clogging our law books. We must remove the roots or the same weeds will grow again. And it should all be done IMMEDIATELY. Don’t draw out the repeal agony over three years, then lose the next election and ultimately end up worse than we are now.

Some thoughts about policy for the aftermath of the climate wars:

The clean-up this time will be a huge job, because most of the green leadership will survive including:
  1. The well entrenched ALP alarmists in safe seats or not facing election.
  2. Green Senators who survive the election.
  3. The Green wing of the Liberal party, some in positions of great power.
  4. The huge unelected alarmist cadre on the government payroll in places like The Climate Commission, Dept of Climate Change, Renewable Energy Regulators, CSIRO, the ABC, most of the Universities etc.
  5. The “charities” sheltering under government tax breaks to promote climate propaganda not good works – Green Peace, WWF, ACF, etc
  6. And of course, the huge vested interests – wind power, solar power, carbon credit forestry, climate research, and the international conference industry.

The general media and the public are tired of climate alarmism, so it will be hard to muster enthusiasm to keep up the fight. This is the environment loved by the green-white-ants. Their perpetual aim of global control of all industry and a global tax to fund their dreams will advance quietly in the calm after the storm. And they will try to remove all decision making from local people and governments, transferring it to unelected global hands.

The real battle lies ahead.

Viv Forbes

“Arguing with greens is like playing chess with a pigeon: no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is going to knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious.”

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ALP threatens carbon showdown

The Butler did it!
Business Spectator reports via AAP, with a staff reporter:-

Environment Minister Mark Butler says Labor won't back away from its emissions trading scheme even if the coalition wins on Saturday, and is open to forcing a double dissolution.
Mr Butler said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's argument that a losing party should junk all its policies to respect the winning side's mandate, is a fallacy
"We are simply not going to junk our longstanding policy position on the most effective way to deal with climate change no matter what happens on Saturday, whether we win, lose or draw," he told ABC radio. 
Asked if that would mean using numbers in the Senate to force a coalition government to go to a double dissolution to repeal the ETS, he replied: "We'll see what happens."
Read more at Business Spectator.

Don't worry about the mandate, ALP. Don't worry about why you lost favour with the electorate with lies like "There will be no carbon tax" from Gillard and "his hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax" from Wayne Swan. (link) 

Although the NCTCS has other policies, are primary aim is cemented in the first three words of our party name - NO CARBON TAX.

A strong vote for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics in the Senate can enforce the mandate that Mark Butler says is a fallacy.