Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The “Greenhouse Effect” ....Wicked Danger - or Merely a Hoax?

While politicians fight global warming students have to swot the “greenhouse effect”. But is this a real thing?

A question posed in a paper by

  Klaus Ermecke and Heinz Thieme  of KE Research.

The full paper (pdf) can be found at 


“The world is in danger. ‘Climate change’ reigns, temperatures are on the rise. 
Dry landscapes become dryer, wetlands even wetter. Good animals (polar 
bears) become extinct, evil ones (malaria mosquitos) conquer the world. 
Sea levels rise, islands drown. Mankind is to blame - and a gas: CO2” (fig. 1)

This is a story that politicians and the media love to tell people, and even 
hammer into their brains. Students shall learn it. How-ever, it is hardly ever 
mentioned that this is a dogma - a doctrine that is proclaimed true without proof. 
And it is highly controversial: many scientists reject it as pure nonsense. 
Politicians how-ever use it to impose duties and taxes upon citizens and 

The dogma has it wrong. COand the other pretended “green-house 
gases” cool the Earth. Consequently, they do not warm it.

© Klaus Ermecke GmbH, 2013

Climate SCARE threatens us all!

Tom Harris of http://www.climatescienceinternationa... is interviewed by American radio show host Pete Santilli (http://http://petersantilli.com/). Typically 600,000 listeners, mainly in the United States, tune in to Mr. Santilli's program. Tom Harris is the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC).

The ICSC's website is http://climatescienceinternational.org/

Some quotes from Tom Harris:

  • There is a whole new vocabulary that has been created that really distorts the science and injects fear into the equation
  • The most obvious one we heard from President Obama – he calls it “carbon pollution”……but carbon dioxide ,which is what they are talking about, is the stuff of life, without Co2 there would be no plants, no life on Earth…..
  •  “Climate change is real”  Well, of course it’s real.
  •  (Al Gore) gives the impression that the CO2 goes up and temperature follows; but it exactly the opposite.
  •  …..when you close down the most powerful source and the least expensive source and that is coal…. The United States is going to be in a lot of trouble