Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 myths of Climate Change - Busted

Recently we posted The Ten Reasons Man-Made Global Warming is Wrong

NCTCS blog has since been pointed to 10 Myths of Climate Change. It is on a site crazily called carbonneutral.

They say that this is "an abridged version of the 10 main myths of climate change published by The Climate Institute." 

We'll address carbonneutral's version. 
What we know about climate change. The world is warming at a rate unprecedented in human history.
Well, no!

If you look at the graph, this is not true over the last 10,000 years, let alone all history.

On to the "MYTHS." 
MYTH 1. Scientists can’t agree. The jury is still out.
Fact:  An overwhelming majority of scientists agree that human activity is largely responsible
for recent warming. 
There is consensus among scientists that the climate is being changed by human activity, 
in the same way as there is consensus on the existence of gravity or that the Earth is round.
Here we go again, the old stupid "consensus" argument.

Michael Crichton famously said if it's consensus it isn't science.  
If it's science, it isn't consensus. Period. 
MYTH 2. It’s just part of natural change.
Fact:  The climate has changed throughout the Earth’s history but this isn’t the same as saying
that global warming in today’s era is natural. In fact, past changes help scientists to
understand the sensitivity of the global climate to forces such as the Sun, volcanoes
and greenhouse gases. 
Your point is?  As we have pointed out above, there is nothing unusual in the late 
twentieth century warming and that has been by none other than CRU's Phil Jones  (Quadrant - link)
Three years ago, CRU’s Phil Jones admitted to the BBC that there had been
no statistically significant warming since 1995.  
The pace picked up when the UK Met Office models surreptitiously projected
a 20-year standstill on Christmas Eve 2012; and then James Hansen –
oft described as the father of global warming – confirmed “a pause” of a
decade or more. Now the whole house of cards finally tumbled, with
Rajendra Pachauri, official spokesman for the IPCC, confirming in Melbourne
that global temperatures had plateaued for 17 years.
MYTH  3. The globe has stopped warming.
Fact:  Temperature records clearly show the world has continued to warm over the past century. 
Oh Really? Not according to the IPCC/HadCRUt: 

We really should say busted at this point, however, we'll just look at Myths 7 and 10. 

MYTH  7. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it’s natural and essential for life.
Fact:  ‘Natural’ does not always equal ‘safe’. Rapidly increasing high concentrations of CO2 
and other greenhouse gases generated by human activity are jeopardising human health and
wellbeing, as are most pollutants.

In the recently published "Taxing Air," written by a plethora of professors including 
Bob Carter, Bill Kininmonth Martin Fell,  Stewart Franks and Brian Leyland, it is written
"It is now widely believed that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant who's level
in the atmosphere needs to be controlled. This grotesque misconception did not arise
by accident but is the result of a skilful propaganda campaign mounted since the
early 1990s by their environmental lobby groups and their media and political
supporters. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 500 million
years has varied between 0.5% (5000 ppm) and 0.3%(280 ppm).
Are modern carbon dioxide levels unusually high or dangerous?  Yep! 

Yep! And Finally...
MYTH  10. Global Warming is good for us!

Come on. If the Alarmists like it cold, why don't they all move to the polar regions? 
Why do they always have their conferences in places like Cancun, Mexico?  Here's M4GW: