Friday, 12 July 2013

Lies on Social Media re Carbon Tax

100% lies from a Hate Social Media Website.
Garlo's Pies CEO Sean Garlick is an Australian former rugby league footballer, former policeman, former actor and now a businessman.

The Social media took exception when Sean Garlick mentioned that the tax on Carbon Dioxide was costing his business $1000 per month. They put out false pictures like the one at right (countered by the one below.)

They made disgusting inaccurate comments on their Facebook Page:

Oh dear.......lying in support of Abbott was silly......but underestimating the political savvy of your customers was was downright stupid !! Actions have consequences.
What lying? Please explain.
You've sold your soul to the devil Carlo's Pies. I shall never buy your products again. How low can you go? Shame on you. 
Oh dear! This one will never buy the pies again? This one doesn't even know the company's name.
YUK! Thanks for letting us know - always easier to reject poor quality produce when you have first hand advice on the source of the taint.
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
You've lost my business. I'll make sure to spread the word.
Really? Lost your business? Did they ever have your business?

On Chris Smith's afternoon radio show on 2GB, Sean Garlick has countered with the fact that his latest electricity account has an Environmental and Carbon Charges of $811.56 for the month and then there is the rise in the cost of refrigerant.

From Garlo's Facebook Page:
To all the doubters out there, here is our electricity bill for the month of March totalling $5,498.01.

Please note the Environmental and Carbon Charges of $811.56 which makes up 14% of our electricity bill.

From Refrigerants Australia (link)
The introduction of the carbon tax on refrigerants from 1 July this year will have a significant impact on the industry, although perhaps not in the fashion the Government had intended. The industry will be forced to digest significant cost increases with limited options to reduce or minimise these costs.

Perhaps the evil social twitards should concentrate on some of King Rudd's Porkies:

  • I will Turn Back the boats;
  • I am an economic rationalist;
  • “I promise you this – there is no way, no way, that I will ever be part of a stealth attack on a sitting prime minister elected by the people;
  • Kevin Rudd promised $290 million to be spent on improved dental care for Australians;
  • Kevin Rudd promised a federal takeover of hospitals should their performance not drastically improve by July 2009. Never happened;
  • Kevin Rudd pledged to build 36 GP 'super clinics'- of which there are currently few in operation.
  • Kevin Rudd proposed a national high-speed broadband network, budgeted at $4.7 billion. Almost immediately after election this was scrapped and replaced with a new plan, with a budget of $43 billion;
  • Pre the 2007 election Kevin Rudd promised to keep fuel and grocery prices down - a feat he must have known to be impossible. Labor launched Fuelwatch and Grocerywatch websites at huge cost to taxpayers, promptly shutting them down when they proved completely ineffective;
  • Kevin Rudd promised a laptop for every Australian schoolchild, which has still not been anywhere near delivered.

Fpr More of Rudd's Long List of Lies go to -