Friday, 5 July 2013

Canberra's power grab deserves to fail

Tim Andrews of the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance writes:

Most Australians don't know that later this year there will a referendum to change our constitution.

This is a scary thought.

Changing the most fundamental, most basic law of the land is something that should never be done lightly. But the only reason this is being done is that the Australian Greens demanded it in their deal with Labor.

If this referendum is passed, it will mean a complete takeover of local councils by Canberra. It will mean more bureaucracy, more waste, higher rates, and worse services. 

The Federal Government is doing everything they can to try to hide the NO case from the Australian people. They have poured taxpayer dollars into promoting a "yes" vote and changed the Act to ensure the "NO" case is hidden.

We need to do everything we can to educate the Australian people and explain exactly what this means.

Our good friends at  Institute of Public Affairs released an excellent video this morning discussing the consequences of this referendum.

This video explains exactly what this referendum means, and why Canberra's Power Grab deserves to fail.