Thursday, 30 May 2013

Goodbye Marn Ferson

"Marn" and Abbot
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
Marn Ferson is a real old style Labor person, someone who fought for the rights of the workers. 

Marn Ferson also knew that the climate change hysteria was a hoax. 

Marn Ferson mumbled. 

Marn Ferson strangled his vowels. 

Marn Ferson pronounced his own name as Marn Ferson but in reality his real name is Martin Ferguson.

As Dennis Shanahan wrote in the Australian: (link)

LONG-SERVING Labor minister and party stalwart Martin Ferguson is to resign from parliament at the next election 

The highly-respected former minister, who recently called on the Gillard government to end its “class warfare”, holds Labor's safest federal seat with a margin of 25 per cent.

The Ferguson name has been so deeply ingrained in Labor politics that few in the party can remember a time when it was absent. Martin Ferguson's father, the late Jack Ferguson, entered the NSW Parliament in 1959 and was deputy premier from 1976 to 1984.

Martin's brother Laurie is still in the Federal Parliament. He used social media to excoriate other Rudd backers, Anthony Albanese and South Australian Mark Butler, for failing to fall on their swords like his brother after the would-be Rudd coup went bottoms up. (Tony Wright of the Age)

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott teared up in his address to Parliament on the retirement of Martin Ferguson saying the he had always observed the "best traditions of the Labor Party."

Mr Abbott said that the country would be "the poorer for his absence." He added that "The member for Batman has always harkened to the best traditions of the Australian Labor Party."

"From this side of the political trench I salute an honourable Australian."

At this point, PM Gillard showed her true colours. She turned around to her cronies and rolled her eyes.
Gillard rolling her eyes today when Abbott paid tribute to Martin Ferguson in Parliament is typical. (link)
Goodbye Marn! You will be missed.