Saturday, 18 May 2013

Odds Shorten on Labor's drop of CarbonChoices.

Image: Pickering Post
BRW recently reported (link) that Bill Shorten "has no reason to covet the poisoned chalice that is the Labor leadership" at present but, "after Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten is the name that most often comes up as the Labor heavyweight most likely to assume the prime ministership from the beleaguered Julia Gillard before the September 14 federal election."

What about post-election?

If Labor loses the election, Rob Burgess in Business Spectator reports that (link)

Most informed commentators think that if Julia Gillard loses the election (note I will continue to use ‘if’ – voters, not journalists, get to decide), Bill Shorten will be the man rebuilding the party.
Burgess  then stresses that the following, although repeated to him as fact, must be treated as speculation.
In essence, some strong proponents of climate change action believe Bill Shorten has begun lobbying members of Caucus to abandon carbon pricing as a Labor policy after the next election.
The argument follows the precedent set by the Coaltion over WorkChoices – though many in the Liberal and National parties believed it was the right policy, they were required to disown it after the 2007 election so as to avoid spending years in the political wilderness. 
After the 2013 election, Labor could be tempted to walk away from its own electoral poison – CarbonChoices, if you will.

The ABC is reporting (link)
......voters could face the prospect of having to return to the polls again next year, with the Coalition reaffirming its threat to call a double dissolution election if Labor blocks legislation to repeal the tax.
However, Bill Shorten as potential post election opposition leader could drop "CarbonChoices" and  a double dissolution would not be needed.