Friday, 17 May 2013

Heat or Eat?

Heat or Eat?
In his budget reply speech (link - pdf), Tony Abbott has renewed his promise to reverse the tax on
The carbon tax will go but no one’s personal tax will go up and no one’s fortnightly pension or benefit wil go down.
He continued:

So with a change of government, your weekly and fortnightly budgets will be under less pressure as electricity prices fall and gas prices fall and the carbon tax no longer cascades through our economy. (emphasis added)
The reversal of the tax on carbon dioxide will help the escalating electricity prices but the Coalition are still supporting the man-made global warming hoax:

  • Joe Hockey admitted to Alan Jones (link - mp3) that the coalition will continue subsidising renewables;
  • The Liberal still have a costly policy of carbon dioxide mitigation.

So, the carbon price may no longer cascade through the economy but power prices will still be inflated by the subsidies for renewables.

Linda Corbella, writing for the Calgary Herald,  points out:

For a growing number of Europeans, their continent’s global warming policies have forced them to decide whether to heat their homes or buy food. In short they must choose whether to “Heat or Eat,” which was the title of a talk by a British climate policy expert delivered in Calgary Tuesday.

Benny Peiser, of the Global Warming Policy Foundation was that "British climate policy expert."
The green lobby in Europe is so strong that it has pushed EU politicians to oppose virtually every kind of reliable non-renewable energy. The greens oppose nuclear, natural gas and shale gas and only seem to approve of wind and solar power — both of which are not reliable, since the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine — and it certainly isn’t “free.” 
The German environment minister warned that Germany’s plan to shut down all of its nuclear plants to shift to renewables will cost citizens one trillion euros. 
“This is the biggest wealth transfer in the history of modern Europe — from the poor to the rich,” explained Peiser, who spoke to a crowd of 200 at the 10th annual Friends of Science luncheon.
Tony Abbott and the Coalition must ensure that Australia doesn't fall into the same "Heat or Eat" trap after September 15th.

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