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UNFCC Conferences and the "Al Gore Effect."

Google Maps:
Left - Cancun; Centre - Cuba; Top Centre - Florida.
The UNFCCC holds regular meetings to discuss the stabilisation of "greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system." (Link

They meet two or three times per year and have had 48 meetings between February 97 and the latest meeting at Doha, Qatar in Nov-Dec 2012. (link)

Often they go to sunny beach resorts. Strange, surely they are against warmth?

Unfortunately, many of the meetings have been blighted with what has become known as "The Al Gore Effect."  The Al Gore Effect means unusual cold hits the many event which Al Gore attends.

As an example Cancun, Mexico 
is a major world-renowned tourist destination. UAH's Dr Roy Spencer attended COP-16 at Cancun in December 2010. Roy commented: (Link)
It was 54ºF (12.2ºC) in Cancun this morning — a record low for the date. Al Gore is not supposed to be here…but it could be that the Gore Effect has announced his secret arrival.
A year before, COP-15 was held in Copenhagen. On cue, as The Examiner reported: (link)
As if on cue with former Vice President Al Gore’s arrival in Copenhagen, the site of the United Nation’s climate summit is expected to receive heavy snowfall and bitter cold temperatures. With a bit of amusement some have pointed to the arrival of the cold weather as an example of the ‘Gore Effect’.
The Examiner (link) listed more than 20 events between January 2004 and Copenhagen 2009 which were hit by the "Gore Effect."

I have worked out an antidote to the "Gore Effect." (But don't tell them, let them keep suffering.)

My answer is for them to go to Germany.

Germany you ask? But isn't is freezing at the moment?

Yep! As Pierre Gosselin of NoTricksZone reported recently: (link)
 100-year event in March -Greenland icy air smashes cold records in the East 
Because some stations in Germany have been keeping weather records for as long as 300 years, e.g. Dresden, Braunschweig and Potsdam, “scientists consider it appropriate to call it an event of the century,” FOCUS reports.
Well, they could hold their meetings in this snow-bound building that used to be a hangar for air-ships.

But why, you ask, would you hold a UNFCC meeting in a cold snow-bound hangar?

Well, it contains a resort called Tropical Islands. (link)
The 'resort' is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany. 
Tropical Islands is inside a hangar built originally to house airships designed to haul long-distance cargo. And despite it looking like temperatures are through the roof - outside the giant hangar it is actually snowing. The resort contains a beach, a lagoon , water slide and adventure park.

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Warmal Coldening – Shoalhaven Post

Even global warming profiteers like the now comic figure of James Hansen of NASA who predicted in 1986 that by 2000 “global temperatures will rise to a level which hasn’t existed on earth for 100,000 years” and who is the go-to alarmist for Al Gore, even that James Hansen has had to admit that Madam Zaza at the Easter Show had a better record when it came to fortune telling. Even that James Hansen has now had to admit that temperatures are stable and have been for at least 17 years.
But, by gum, he has followed a dog act with another dog act.

Unbelievably, he now reports with a straight face that man made emissions caused temperatures to rise and then these same man made emissions caused the rise to stop. Ain’t nothing emissions can’t do.

$1 billion carbon tax bill behind bill hikes, says treasurer
A $1 billion carbon tax bill is behind rising electricity prices for homes and businesses in NSW, the State Government claims.
A treasury analysis for the financial year showed the bulk of carbon tax costs left NSW electricity customers facing an estimated $580 million bill through increased electricity prices.
Treasurer Mike Baird said NSW'S electricity generation assets also faced a $355 million bill for stranded carbon costs. Mr Baird said the cost to the state budget was expected to be $237 million.

Carbon tax will force jobs offshore
Mr Deripaska said he could not understand why the government taxed Queensland Alumina heavily because of its dependence on coal, even though the joint venture had lower emissions than the average overseas competitor's refinery. He also cited the inconsistency of the government imposing a carbon tax while, at the state level, aged and ailing coal-fired smelters such as Alcoa's Point Henry smelter near Geelong had received taxpayer funds to continue operating.

Where the Money Goes Junkets abroad, handsomely-paid positions at home – no wonder government employees love the environment.
Some days it’s difficult not to see the environment as a bounteous goody bag for government employees.