Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Science Under Assault!

John Droz Jr is a physicist environmental advocate and novelist.

The following address was published on Mar 7, 2013

Science is under siege from lobbyists for those with self-serving economic or political interests. This is detrimental to our society's survival. This talk was given to North Carolina  legislators on Feb 6, 13. The slides (without audio), plus 100+ extra slides, including six pages of references, are available at ScienceUnderAssault.Info. Make sure to download the PDF version there, as that will be the best quality.

John puts to rest that oft misquoted "97% of scientists..."

John talks of the precautionary principle. Our mutual friend Dr Gordon Fulks wrote of the Precautionary Principle HERE.

John refers to Michael Chricton's  2003 Caltech Lecture. The full text can be found HERE.

Also by John Droz on NCTCS - Wind Energy and KISS

Renewable energy targets and subsidies must go

Letter to the Editor - Renewable energy targets and subsidies must go

From Leon Ashby - Spokesman for the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics

Since IPCC chairman Pauchari and Climate Sceptic Lord Monckton agree the planet has not warmed for 17 years, I believe its time to stop subsidising renewable energy and to scrap Australia`s Renewable Energy Targets (RETS)

The world has 3000 billion tons of known coal reserves to supply humanity for 1000 years.

Tulane University oil expert David Hynes has said Greece has new-found gas and oil reserves.

The USA is again the world largest oil producer with new technologies recovering oil and gas from its large reserves as well as Australia having huge reserves that new technologies can harvest.

While developing renewable energy technology is good, do we need to subsidise it? 

Solar company Solyndra went bust and Suntech, the world’s highest-selling producer of solar panels, is struggling to pay a $541 million bill. Both expected a high renewable energy demand, but it fizzled.
It appears the realisation that Global warming is not man made is becoming wider recognised as the dire predictions of planet roasting and planet drowning do not occur.

Voters dislike higher powers bills with unnecessary renewable energy components in them.

I think its time the 20% renewable energy targets and associated subsidies went in the bin. 

Leon Ashby