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More Destructive Green Policies

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More Destructive Green Policies

Creating Bushfire Hazards

by Viv Forbes

17 February 2013.

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A recent report from friends who suffered terrible losses of buildings, fences, pasture and cattle in the Coonabarabran fire commenced with the ominous and oft-repeated message: “a raging fire came out of the National Park straight for us”.
There is only one way to limit fire damage – reduce the fuel available.
Fuel load can be reduced in three ways – by grazing animals, by planned small “cool” fires, or by mechanical reduction with slashers, mulchers or dozers.
Australia’s grassland landscape was created and managed by generations of Aborigines who were masters at using man’s most useful tool – fire. Every explorer from Abel Tasman (1642) and Captain Cook (1770) onwards noted the smoke in the sky and the burnt trees whenever they landed. This burning created the open grassland landscapes that dominated pre-European Australia. Aborigines lit fires continually, mainly to keep their fires sticks alight. Their small patchwork fires caused no permanent damage to the environment and fortuitously created and maintained the healthy grasslands and open forests on which many animals and Aborigines depended.
There have been two major changes to the tree/grass balance since European settlement. In the fertile well-watered coastal strip, large areas of thick scrub and open forest were logged and cleared for timber, farms, towns, roads, schools and the domesticated grasses of suburban lawns. Most of those trees have been displaced by those people who now, in ignorance, are also destroying the grasslands and remaining open forests by locking up land and preventing any form of regrowth control. Having destroyed much of the coastal forests and scrubs, they are now destroying the open forests and grasslands.
Misguided tree lovers and green politicians have locked the gates on ever-increasing areas of land for trees, parks, heritage, wilderness, habitat, weekend retreats, carbon sequestration etc. Never before on this ancient continent has anyone tried to ban land use or limit bushfires on certain land. The short-sighted policy of surrounding their massive land-banks with fences, locked gates, fire bans and exclusion of livestock has created a new alien environment in Australia. They have created tinder boxes where the growth of woody weeds and the accumulation of dead vegetation in eucalypt re-growth create the perfect environment for fierce fires.
Once ignited by lightning, carelessness, or arson, the inevitable fire-storms incinerate the park trees and wildlife, and then invade the unfortunate neighbouring properties.
Many of today’s locked-up areas were created to sequester carbon to fulfil Kyoto obligations. Who pays the carbon tax on the carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere by wild fires?
The green bureaucracies and politicians are clearly mis-managing their huge land-bank. Aborigines and graziers did a far better job. There should be a moratorium on locking up any more land and a return to sustainable management for existing land holdings.

The Grassy Plains of Queensland in the 1860’s
Richard Daintree was a, scientist, explorer, pastoralist, miner and historian. He spent much time in the years 1860 – 1876 exploring, photographing and promoting Queensland. A large collection of Daintree’s photographs is held in the Queensland Museum, and some were published by the Queensland Museum in 1977 in “Queensland in the 1860’s – the Photography of Richard Daintree”, by Ian G Sanker.
Here is a picture taken by Daintree, in the Richmond area -not a tree to be seen. Daintree wrote about the vast soil-covered plains: “The resulting physical aspect is that of vast plains which form the principal feature of Queensland scenery west of the main dividing range”. He described them as first class pastoral country totalling about one third of the area of Queensland.

“Having destroyed much of the coastal forests and scrubs, coastal dwellers are now destroying the 
open forests and grasslands by locking up the land or preventing any form of regrowth control.”
Viv Forbes

For a fascinating report on the condition of Australia when Europeans arrived see:

An Environmentalist writes about ‘Hazard Reduction Burning:

Abel Tasman comment, Nov - Dec 1642. From Blainey’s “Triumph of the Nomads”, p 67. 

“He sent men ashore - and they returned with the news that the trunks of many trees had been deeply burned and that patches of earth had been baked hard by fire. There was no sign of the Tasmanians but the smoke of their fires could be seen from the ship when she anchored or sailed along the east coast”.

From the Journals of Captain James Cook, Sat 28th April 1770, Botany Bay:

“After this we made an excursion into the country which we found diversified with woods, lawns and marshes; the woods are free from under wood of every kind and the trees are at such a distance from one a nother that the whole country or at least a great part of it might be cultivated without being oblig’d to cut down a single tree;…”

Time to Build Better Infrastructure.

Floods, fires, cyclones and drought are ever-present features of the Australian landscape and have been here far longer than cars, cattle, coal miners and timber getters.

Yet every time we have a natural disaster, we find government infrastructure washed away, burnt down, blown apart or lacking water. Meanwhile billions of dollars of community savings are wasted on vain attempts to cool the climate of the next century. 

This surely is the year to stop wasting money on climate-change follies in order to allow more spending on real present-day problems like disaster-proofing government controlled infrastructure and land.

Two policy changes are needed.

First, stop all federal, state and local government spending or legislative support for climate commissions and bureaucracies, UN-Kyoto junkets, carbon sequestration, green energy, biofuels, carbon taxing and accounting, global warming research and climate change foreign aid. In short, abolish every department, position or budget with “climate”, “warming” or “carbon” in its name or description.

Second, re-build government infrastructure and manage government lands to standards that can better withstand the inevitable floods, fires, cyclones and droughts.

Magic-gas Discovery.

It has been discovered that Australian coal has a magical property – it is one of a small group of coals which produces an invisible gas with super-natural properties.
This magic gas, carbon dioxide, first became famous for its claimed ability to warm the whole world, thus removing the threat of a new ice age. The British academic who reported this magic power claimed that winter snow would become “a very rare and exciting event”.
Then an Australian guru predicted that just a tiny addition of magic-gas to the atmosphere would abolish floods, and billions of dollars were spent constructing water desalination plants to combat his forecast of never-ending droughts.
Then after massive snows in Britain and huge floods in Australia, it was widely reported that magic-gas could produce both heatwaves and snowstorms, floods and droughts and even bushfires, cyclones and tornadoes, depending on the way the political winds were blowing in that country.
Strangely, only a few countries are able to produce “magic-gas”. A special exclusive club called the Kyoto Club was formed for these lucky countries. Membership fees are stratospheric, but members are rewarded with invitations to lavish UN conventions at top tourist destinations. However, many founding members have allowed their membership to lapse, leaving only EU, Australia and New Zealand as fully paid up members.
Coals burnt in Russia, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Canada and USA produce carbon dioxide but their gas apparently lacks the magic climate-altering properties of Australian magic-gas. Amazingly, these properties are lost if Australian coal is burnt overseas – once loaded on a ship the magic disappears.
There are a few unpatriotic Australians who think the whole “magic-gas” thing is a big con, and just an excuse for a new tax. Worried that the world may become sceptical of the magic-gas story, CSIRO has been charged to re-educate these dangerous and deluded sceptics. Vast sums are also being spent by academics to invent more climate-bending properties for carbon dioxide, and regular dramatic announcements are expected on the ABC and the BBC.

Extreme Weather is Nothing New

The great snowstorm NSW 4-5th July, 1900 – an extreme weather event before CO2 was invented. 

This is a copy of the original report.(scroll down past some blank space). Thanks Peggy)

Prof James Lovelock on:
The Blind Worship of Windmills

“We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs."
The veteran environmentalist added:
"We need to take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island - monuments of a failed civilisation."

The Last Word

CSIROh! Malcolm Roberts has taken a close look at the main taxpayer-funded organisations in Australia promoting the idea that man-made production of carbon dioxide is causing dangerous climate change. His findings demand answers.

Reminder, Lord Christopher Monckton is returning to Australia and New Zealand. For details see Lord Monckton Tour 2013.

Finally, Politicians on Drugs. 
Footballers on drugs don’t worry me, but politicians can do a lot of damage, even on caffeine.

Some politicians believe a tax on the production of carbon dioxide in Australia will change the world’s climate. They are surely hallucinating and should be drug tested.

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Green Gillard Government Trashing the Future report:
Image: Adelaide Now

$158 million lease for a climate office Abbott will abolish

TAXPAYERS have been locked into a long-term $158 million contract for the Climate Change Department's new Canberra headquarters, despite Tony Abbott's pledge to axe the agency if he wins the election.In one of the more lucrative property deals signed by the Commonwealth, the department has agreed on a 15-year lease for eight floors of the new Nishi Building, hyped as one of the greenest buildings in Australia. The contract runs through to December 2027, according to the Commonwealth's AusTender website.While long-term leases are common for Commonwealth agencies, the Opposition Leader's promise to abolish the agency raises questions as to whether the public could be left with an expensive bill and empty offices.The department, in charge of implementing the carbon tax and promoting Australia's clean energy future, claims it has been planning the move for its 1000 staff since 2009.
$158 million for 15 years?

From Adelaide Now

THE Federal Government is spending more than $20 million fitting out a brand new Canberra high-rise to house bureaucrats tackling climate change.The Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Department will move 750 of its bureaucrats into offices in the new building. 
This comes as the Government is also spending $12 million on an advertising campaign for its carbon tax.

$10 million per year???  That’s $27,000 per day every day of the year!!  And I’ll bet they are not there every day of the year.

PLUS $21 Million for fit out costs at the Department of Climate Change!!!  You have got to be kidding.  Is there no limit to the extent to which these people are prepared to put their noses and all four feet in the trough? 

What a trough!!

H/t  GA