Friday, 13 December 2013

IPCC Expert Reviewer Vincent Gray's Christmas message.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we re-publish Dr Vincent Gray's NZ Climate Truth Newsletters.

I have just received an email:

Dear Geoff

Have a good Christmas


Vincent  & Mary Gray

and attached was his Christmas message and his and Mary's personal newsletter.

From Vincent & Mary Gray 

Vincent starts:

We are still on deck, but with various levels of decrepitude.
Vincent, you may have to use a stick, but up the top that brain is working as well as ever.

 Vincent and Mary

went on a European rivers cruise. They gave us a modern set of luggage, wine at table, free tours, no tips. We started with three nights at a hotel in Paris; including a trip on the Seine and a little train going through Montmartre.
After describing their very interesting trip, Vincent adds:

I have had a tolerable year with our frequent visits to
music, U3A, International Affairs and plays. I had to give
up playing the bassoon and the saxophone as my lips and my fingers cannot make it any more. I try to practice the piano and we record movies from Vodafone cable (Sky) and find that old Hollywood and recent foreign ones are much superior to current Hollywood.
“Climate Change” activity persists. I still write irregular newsletters to a large international audience. My early book “The Greenhouse Delusion” is now offered by both and Abe books and at 
My autobiography “The Confessions of a Climate Sceptic” has been published without pictures, by,at and an Ebook with illustrations, by of-a-climatesceptic/ebook/product-21223035.html 
I am trying to get together another book called “The Greenhouse Debacle” to celebrate the inevitable decline of this persistent fraud. I run a monthly “Current Issues” discussion Group for the local U3A. The latest IPCC Report has been sunk by the absence of “Global Warming” for the past 17 years. 

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