Friday, 8 November 2013

The Abuse of Science.

NCTCS blog has often written that the Alarmists have confused everyone (including themselves) by their terminology change from man-made global warming, (via just global warming) to climate change.

Alex Epstein writing for Forbes explains this in more detail:
“Climate change” is a manipulative, rubber term used to mean anything from “the climate changes” (which everyone agrees with) to “we impact the climate at least a tiny amount” (which everyone agrees with) to “we impact the climate for the better” (yes, that’s possible) to “we are making the climate much more dangerous” (which much fewer people agree with) to “we are making the climate much more dangerous and the only response is to stop using fossil fuels but also incoherently oppose nuclear power and hydroelectric power while advocating the worst-performing energy technologies, solar and wind.”
Alex's article is headed:

The Church Of Climate Scientology: How Climate Science Became A Religion

and he starts by discussing the abuse of science and how science was abused by "some of the most destructive political policies in human history..." And asks how do we protect ourselves from such abuse?

Science abusers treat science as an infallible authority to be blindly obeyed by the public. Real scientists treat science as a method to be carefully explained to the public.
By this standard, today’s vaunted “climate science consensus”—that it’s been scientifically proven that we need to dismantle the fossil fuel industry, the economic engine of the world—is more Scientology than science.

 Climate Science and CO2

Modern climate science is dominated by the hypothesis that CO2 is the major driver of climate—so much so that increasing it from .03% to .04% of the atmosphere has brought us to the verge of catastrophe.

We know that correlation is not proof, but even correlation has failed to show that man-made Co2 emissions are causing warming.
As my colleague at Center for Industrial Progress, physicist and mathematical modeler Eric Dennis, writes in a forthcoming essay on climate modeling:
the biggest phenomenon in climate modeling over the last 15 years is the spectacular failure of the models to predict what happened over this period: flat global temperatures, no significant warming trend. This was the one test the climate modelers were forced to stick their necks out for, and they have failed it.
Has this deterred the climate scientologists? No.

Read more at Forbes (link)

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  1. Yes, climate is changing. It was warming but it stopped warming more than a decade ago. Meanwhile, since 2001 the CO2 level has increased by 29% of the increase prior to 2001.
    At see an eye-opening graph and a simple equation that, with only one external forcing, calculates the average global temperature anomaly trend since 1610 and, with 90% accuracy, calculates measured average global temperature anomalies since 1895. See why the LIA and Global Warming both ended. CO2 change had no significant influence.


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